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Why Buying Granite May Require a Remediation Contractor

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Groundwater pollution

Radon is a radioactive gas that radiates through natural material such as soil, air and granite. Any material that comes from directly from Mother Nature has radioactivity known as Naturally Occurring Radioactive Mineral “NORM”. Since radon was first discovered to be hazardous, many homeowners have begun to undergo major investigations and hiring a remediation contractor to inspect their building material to ensure that they are not being excessively exposed to it.

Is Granite Safe?

Since granite is a stone that is crafted from rock, the chance of it exuding radiation is more than likely. However, producing hazardous amounts of radon is unlikely. In a recent study performed by US EPA, there is a small percentage of radon that exudes from granite; however, they are so mini

Is Your Business Considering Upgrading the Signage Outside Your Building?

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Led signs

One of the latest tends in Halloween costumes may make the night time streets on October 31 a little more colorful and a little more bright. Black costume parts with color LED strips of lights were just announced by several different companies. And while Americans are accustomed to seeing full color LED signs as indicators of businesses and events, many parents predict that these brightly lit costumes will be a popular trend this year.
As the LED lighting industry continues to expand the packaging and use of their products, full color LED signs and other products become more affordable and more common. With uses as diverse as signs for churches and municipal signs at government buildings, LED lighting options pr

Increasing Your Revenue With Marquee Signs

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Marquee signs

Have you ever been surprised to learn of a highly rated restaurant or an exciting event that was happening in your own city? How did you not hear about it? How did you never see it? Businesses can provide the best of services and the highest quality of food and still fail, because they do not effectively market to their local potential customers. If customers do not see a business, they never have the choice to visit it or not. There are many different marketing efforts available to getting a business known, but the most commonly overlooked plan is your businesses signage.

Approximately 35% of people would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign. Business owners may attempt to save money on store frontage signage and focus their marketing efforts on other attempts. However, the busine

The Mowidec System and How it Easily Measures

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End mill bit

The Mowidec TT is a fairly new idea. It went through it’s debut in an exhibition recently. Basically, what the Mowidec TT is, is a spindle centering system that keeps tools or drill bits on a main or opposite spindles in order to improve the accuracy as well as the performance and even shelf life. This device permits a user to simply and quickly center the tools using various methods on automatic lathes. With this method, centering can be done without having to remove the guide bush or any of the tools. The lack of complicated equipment or need of training shows how simple the process is.

When a set up or the settings on an automatic lathe need to be changed, the user usually has to re-center the spindl

Medical Marijuana Business License How Do You Exactly Get It?

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Investing in the cannabis industry

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in many states, there has been a growing need by different opportunistic entrepreneurs to venture into the medical marijuana business. Unfortunately, not all people understand what it takes to get a marijuana business running from the ground up. Thanks to legal services, this is no longer a daunting process.

Medical Marijuana Regulation

As aspiring marijuana business owner, it is usually important to understand the laws governing such a business in your state. In California, the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation has the power to write and enforce new marijuana business regulations and provisions of the Medical M

5 Proposal Tips to Win a Government Contract Bid

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Cost data

Federal contracting can be lucrative business — but only if you know how to get it. You may think you know how to create proposals for government RFPs, but are you making amateur mistakes that might unintentionally jeopardize your bidding on government contracts? Follow these five rules and you might see your luck turn around.

  1. Don’t use a template. Government agencies can smell canned proposals from a mile away. Don’t recycle a proposal from one bid to the next — use federal proposal writing software to help you best fill in the proper blanks so that they’re tailored for every opportunity.
  2. Be specific. Don’t just say you’ll solve the problem. Demonst

Business Goals in RCM: A Practical Approach

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rcm asset managementFacilities for crude oil and plants that deal with wastewater and industrial production are risky environments for aspects such as employee health, environmental hazards, and profit margins. Indeed, much of this risk is simply due to old age. Many oil facilities were built in the 1960s, according to Risk Management Magazine. Half of the assets in wastewater facilities will be past the halfway points of their useful lives by 2020, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a systematic approach to determining what must be done to ensure the reliability, safety, and availability of various physical and human assets in a production setting. The following three steps speak to the process of implementing RCM:

Determine Your Business’s Goals: In order to reap the rewards of RCM, plant management must first identify core business goals. These might be concerning daily production targets and reduction of adverse health, safety, or environmental impacts. Senior management at the plant must ask themselves a number of questions about the state of their facility, even before conducting risk assessment, to determine if their business goals are in line with the state of their plant.

Conduct a Criticality Analysis: One way to get consistent answers is to conduct a criticality analysis, which can often uncover inconsistencies in assumptions or statements made by staff at the plant. This analysis can reveal how the prioritization of certain critical or noncritical tasks might be adjusted.

Develop Maintenance Strategies: When business goals are established, it is important for the maintenance strategist to come up with appropriate maintenance tasks and mitigation strategies that will support the pre-determined business goals.

Implementing RCM is an optimization of costs over time. To get started contact a reliability management firm for RCM asset management. To learn more, contact Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies for asset reliability management support.

Grow Your Business and Improve Your Bottom Line with These 6 SEO Marketing Tips

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Web visibility

You want to get more people to visit your website and buy the products you sell or the services you provide. More than 93% of all internet experiences are started at a search engine site. The vast majority of internet users do not scroll past the first page of their search results so it is important to make sure your website pops up as close to the top as you can. The good news is that a great search engine optimization (SEO) campaign can help with that. You do not have to be a marketing company expert to take steps to reap the benefits of SEO.

  1. Pick the right keywords. When you talk to any SEO marketing company, they will tell you that you need to start with the right keywords. This s as important today as it was at the dawn of Continue Reading

Our Modern Machines How Our Use of Tools Contributed to Our Modern Society

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Tools for engineering

By simply looking around your environment, chances are you will see evidence of human ingenuity somewhere. From the smallest ball-point pens to airplanes and automobiles, many of our modern conveniences are thanks in large part to industrial machine tools and manufacturing. With a market size of around $90 billion, the machine tool industry is one of the key industries within the manufacturing sector. Machine tools did not simply spring up overnight however; they have evolved alongside of us over the course of thousands of years to become the modern tools of efficiency that they are today.

Machine Tools in Human History

Archaeological evidence suggests that the first machine tools were used around the 7th century BCE in ancient Egypt. The hand-powered lathe may have been used

Drive More Traffic and Raise Your Brand Awareness with These Web Marketing Tips

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Long island digital marketing firm

You have a business and a website. You want to drive more traffic and increase awareness of your brand but need some web marketing guidance? There are some things you can do to get more people to visit and use your website.

Tips to Help Drive More Traffic to Your Website:

  1. Start with good keywords. Some web marketing people may tell you that search engine optimization (SE)) is dead but they are wrong. More than 93% of all internet experienced are started with a search engine search. The vast majority of these start out with Google. Picking the right keywords for your business is more of an art than a science and is always going to be a work in progress.
  2. Incorporate local SEO techniques. If you run a local busin