The Mowidec System and How it Easily Measures


End mill bit

The Mowidec TT is a fairly new idea. It went through it’s debut in an exhibition recently. Basically, what the Mowidec TT is, is a spindle centering system that keeps tools or drill bits on a main or opposite spindles in order to improve the accuracy as well as the performance and even shelf life. This device permits a user to simply and quickly center the tools using various methods on automatic lathes. With this method, centering can be done without having to remove the guide bush or any of the tools. The lack of complicated equipment or need of training shows how simple the process is.

When a set up or the settings on an automatic lathe need to be changed, the user usually has to re-center the spindles. This can be done various ways but the process can be so specific that users really don’t like having to do it. This means that the quality and precision drops and often times the tools will wear out prematurely. The idea of centering has existed for a long time but the Mowidec TT makes it a lot easier to do.

Small adaptions had to be made of course in order to make the system able to check alignment in places like the guide bush, the head stock and the sub spindles. There is a digital read out panel that can be fixed to the housing. This is done with a magnet so that the position can be changed depending on where the user is located in reference to the machine. There needs to always be a clear indication of the measurements at all times so it’s important that the operator have a clear view. The Mowidec TT is capable of giving the operator an extremely high precision measurement without requiring any physical contact at all.

For further precision, the spindle can be fitted with an adaption ring that has a sensor. This makes the tool able to be manually moved to be opposite the spindle. The sensor needs to be positioned at short range in order to correct the machine when necessary. If you need to realign the machine’s spindle or counter spindle separately or simultaneously, all you have to do is change the sensor bearing ring. This makes is so that the system can be used for any and all types of alignment processes. It will figure out errors and problems so that the system can stay the same and only the adaption ring has to be changed.

The main thing about this system is its simplicity. There are only three buttons on the digital read out screen; one to reset or choose which measuring mode you need, between imperial and metric, one for choosing the measuring unit and one for choosing the resolution needed. Even the initial installation is a straight forward and simple process. All the equipment needed is the electronic unit, a power supply chord, a USB cable, the two proximity sensors and of course, the adapter rings.

The idea of the Mowidec system is that it was made for comparing the two points. It was not initially created to be a measuring device. The measurements themselves can vary depending on what kind of senor is used, what the distance is from the probe and what the diameter of the cutting tools are. If all of these things are taken in to account, this model is able to find a measurement of various different points instead of just the one specific point.

It’s extremely easy to use. That’s the whole point of the system. When someone buys the system, they will receive the device, the sensors, some cables and a set of color coded rings depending on which diameter they need. All that they will need to do is connect the machine socket with the power supply and the sensor to the USB. The operator can decide for him or herself, where they think that the unit will be the most effective. Once they do that, then the ring will need to be fitted and they can immediately begin the measuring process; no training or courses needed which is yet another attractive property of this system.