The Top Three Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 So Far


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If your business has employed a digital marketing solution to boost its online presence, it’s not alone. Last year, companies spent more than $180 billion on these services ? an astonishing figure.

Yet 50% of companies that are investing in digital marketing don’t have a plan or strategy in place ? and even worse, 83% of web users say they’ve had a “bad experience” with social media marketing. The need for today’s businesses to develop a current, dynamic marketing blueprint for the digital age has never been more apparent.

So what could we be doing better? To make sure your company’s online marketing strategy is where it ought to be, check out this list of the top three trends in digital advertising and marketing for 2016:

Mobile officially overtakes desktop

In 2016, mobile web browsing has far surpassed desktop usage, and it’s time for businesses to catch up. Currently, 62% of companies that have designed a mobile-specific website have reported seeing an increase in sales. Investing in responsive web design is likely the easiest route, as this allows your website to adapt to any size display, greatly improving the browsing experience for potential customers.

Cutting-edge web design: Still a must

While responsive web design is one component of quality web design, it’s not the full picture. Today’s websites should be current, fresh and, above all, easy for the consumer to use. High-quality website design can even boost your site’s Google search rankings, bringing your business to more people who are searching the web for the services it offers. This translates into more customers and more success.

Social media marketing still reigns supreme

Much like in previous years, marketing through social media is continuing to dominate the digital marketing space. In 2015, 78% of companies reported having dedicated social media teams, with that number almost certainly higher this year. Yet as stated before, a significant majority of online users report having had a negative experience with social media marketing. The solution? Strengthening your business’ commitment to customer service. Approximately 90% of customer experience decision-makers stress that a commitment to good customer service is a major key to success in the social space.