Is Your Business Considering Upgrading the Signage Outside Your Building?


Led signs

One of the latest tends in Halloween costumes may make the night time streets on October 31 a little more colorful and a little more bright. Black costume parts with color LED strips of lights were just announced by several different companies. And while Americans are accustomed to seeing full color LED signs as indicators of businesses and events, many parents predict that these brightly lit costumes will be a popular trend this year.
As the LED lighting industry continues to expand the packaging and use of their products, full color LED signs and other products become more affordable and more common. With uses as diverse as signs for churches and municipal signs at government buildings, LED lighting options provide many benefits.
Americans Depend on Signage to Locate Stores, Businesses, and Other Locations
Even with today’s constant access to technology, it may have been easy to expect that the use of full color LED signs might diminish. In reality, however, these electric business signs are still as valuable as they always have been. Although navigation devices in our cars and on our phones and watches can provide step by step directions, almost all consumers and travelers eventually look away from these devices and use signs as a visual confirmation of what they are looking for. In fact, 35% of people indicate that they would not have discovered a business had it not been for that business’s sign
In a crowded landscape of signs, however, it often takes the novelty of full color LED signs to help a company or business stand out. Even some churches that sit on a busy intersections, for instance, have moved away from the typical church marquee signs and have added scrolling LED signs to their property. Elevated on tall poles, these signs can be seen from a distance and help catch the attention of both everyday traffic and travelers who may be new to a community.
Not surprisingly, signs with moving lighted parts often attract more business, more clients, or more visitors. For example, some studies indicate that adding or changing a sign can directly improve sales revenue. By replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign, for instance, revenue can increase by 7.7%. In addition, more than one-third of consumers indicate that even if they take the same route day after day they look at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one.