Medical Marijuana Business License How Do You Exactly Get It?


Investing in the cannabis industry

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in many states, there has been a growing need by different opportunistic entrepreneurs to venture into the medical marijuana business. Unfortunately, not all people understand what it takes to get a marijuana business running from the ground up. Thanks to legal services, this is no longer a daunting process.

Medical Marijuana Regulation

As aspiring marijuana business owner, it is usually important to understand the laws governing such a business in your state. In California, the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation has the power to write and enforce new marijuana business regulations and provisions of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. The Department of Food and Agriculture and Department of Public Health also have rulemaking power on the regulations in their respective administrative areas. Failure to meet the regulations or should you break any of the rules could lead to denial of the license. So, you may need a license application pro to help you throughout the essential steps.

The License and Business Options

To get a medical marijuana business license, there are several businesses you can choose, including cultivation, manufacturing, testing laboratories, dispensaries, distribution, and transportation. Therefore, this is the first step to getting the license. Ensure you have settled for your preferred type of business and meet its requirements. Get a business plan that will give you an easy time to implement.

The Restrictions

In some states, such as California, you are expected to have no more than two licenses for the two categories you prefer. Distributors can work as transporters and are not expected to hold any other types of licenses apart from the two options they have. A small cultivator can get a manufacturing license, but a medium cultivator or a nursery can’t have a manufacturing license. So, you have to choose one business, or two that are accepted together.

Criminal Background Check

For you to get a medical marijuana business license, you must submit your fingerprints for a background check and there are several reasons for rejections. If you have a prior felony conviction for a serious crime, violent crime, drug sales, fraud or embezzlement, your application is bound for rejection. Those who have a history of violating local ordinances may also be denied.

State Licensing

It takes a while before you get a state license for your marijuana business and there are certain provisions that are adhered to. Businesses that have been operation as of January 1, 2016, are given priority for state licensing. Businesses that are in operation by Jan. 1, 2018, meet local and state requirements and have local zoning permits will be allowed to continue operating while their state license applications are pending.

This is just but an overview of the different requirements one has to meet to get a medical marijuana business license. A lawyer is the best source of help to understand all the necessary details for acquiring the license. You can also seek the help of a cannabis investment advisor to learn more about the options you have. With ways to invest in the marijuana industry, yu can choose an option that you are certain to meet the licensing criteria.