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American Weed How the Medical Legalization of Marijuana in Some States Created a Genuine Investment Opportunity

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Medical marijuana business branding

Marijuana has had a troubled history in the United States that is just now starting to change. The states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska have legalized both medicinal and recreational marijuana use; 19 other states have legalized medicinal marijuana use; numerous other states have decriminalized certain amounts of marijuana possession — the United States is progressing towards what may be determined as a national legalization of marijuana within a few years time. Surveys have shown that around half of the U.S. population have tried marijuana at some point and seven out of 10 Americans believe that alcohol is more harmful to the health of individuals and the safety of society as a whole. Like it or not, marijuana is changing in the U.S.

Medicinal Marijuana Use

American Business Owners Looking for Workers Who are Ready to Make a Long Term Commitment

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Hr executive recruiters

While more than half of American business owners report a strong commitment to employee retention, the soaring costs of training — and high employee turnover — have many businesses left wondering what they can do to increase employee satisfaction and to inspire long term employee commitment. About one-third of all small business owners report that staffing is their top priority, and executive HR search firms across the country are being tasked to provide highly-skilled employees who are also looking for long term positions.

Outsourcing HR and IT positions is not always a desirable option for small business owners: having a full-time, onsite HR professional who can address employee concerns and make adjustments in payroll and insurance policies can be essential for businesses of any size. Making

Secure Payment Processing — What You Need to Know

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Moto transactions

Secure payment processing is an umbrella term that refers to a merchant’s obligation to keep your financial information safe when you make a purchase from them online. Most web sites that offer you the option of buying from them have stringent measures in place to protect your credit card information, as well as your identity. Without some of these measures in place to ensure that you are sending a secure payment, these transactions would be very dangerous and inefficient to deal with.

Luckily, there has been a surge of breakthroughs in recent times that should make even the most cautious of users feel safer when using their credit cards to make purchases onli

Green Til the End How Green Burials Provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Burials

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Cremation necklaces

Mortality has always stood as an impassible barrier for humanity. The inevitability of death has been a source of anxiety that existentialist philosophers have long attempted to make sense of. Every single individual has their own perception of death, and many think long and hard about what happens to those we leave behind. Estate planning, wills, and deciding what kind of funerary rites one desires are all concerns that have to be addressed at some point. Here are three options to consider for those making their final preparations.

Traditional Burials

Burial has been practiced for thousands of years around the world as one of the oldest funerary rites. The body is prepared by a mortician, who embalms the body to halt decay. In the case of an open casket, the mortician dresse

Top Five Tips For Renting The Best Retail Space For Your Business

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Office space for rent new lenox

What’s the most important quality all successful businesses share? While some would cite a strong marketing campaign or customer loyalty as the most important features (and they most certainly are important!), there exists a lesser known but no less valid aspect of making sure your business flourishes. Finding commercial property for rent can be an easily neglected feature on the road to greatness, combining a significant mixture of location and interior design that establishes a business’ first impression straight off the bat. Let’s look at the top five tips for finding the best retail space for rent, from renovation to safe habits to just knowing where to buy!

What Is R

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Worldwide are Working To Raise Safety Standards for Consumers

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Blister package design

The pharmaceutical marketplace is set to undergo major changes: in the next few years, pharmaceutical serialisation will become the legally-mandated standard around the world. Serialisation, sometimes referred to as e-pedigree serialisation, refers to the practice of using packaging and electronic software solutions to comprehensively track and account for millions of units of prescription medications worldwide.

Designed to protect consumers from substandard or contaminated medication purchase and intended to facilitate widespread drug recall, pharmaceutical serialisation should be fully implemented in the next five years. The United States has set a firm deadline for 2017,

Looking to Expand Your Small Business? The Right Time for a Business Loan Could Be Right Now

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Funding experts

Although the “survival rate” for small businesses in America remains promising, unforeseen expenses can have business owners searching for small business loans from funding experts. Recent studies indicate that, in general, two out of every three small businesses are successful past their first year.

Where larger enterprises have a distinct advantage, however, is in situations that require a substantial amount of cash on hand. Even a relatively small insurance settlement for a customer who has an accident in a retail store could raise future premiums past the point of comfort for a new business.

Having customers who trip, fall,

Seven Ways Trees Can Damage Your Home

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Trenchless drain repair

A large, old tree can be an appealing attribute in a new home, appreciated for its shade and simply for being beautiful. That positive impression can distract from the dangers a tree can present to a home by multiple avenues. Although there are residential and commercial services to assist with trees that become a hazard, the first step is knowing the risks. For home and business owners with trees on their property, it is important to be understand what to observe and be prepared to manage, so below are seven potential ways a tree can cause damage.

  1. Foundation Damage: Contrary to popular belief, trees cannot puncture the foundation of your home on their own. However, they can sometimes worsen existing cracks to the building by growing into them. This is what led to the mista

What You Ought To Know About Buying Shipping Containers

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Used containers for sale

Are you looking for used storage containers for sale? Maybe you are a theater director at a high school and need a set broken down and shipped in a custom container to another high school in your state. Perhaps you work for a local municipality and need to keep a large amount of office equipment in storage for several months while your building is renovated. Whatever your need or project may be, there are some things to remember when looking for used storage containers for sale. Here are just a few:

1. The Market For Shipping Containers – Did you know that the shipping container market is set to grow by over 5% in the three years between 2

Lapping and Polishing Machines Produce Parts for a Number of Industries

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Edge polishing machines

The ceramics, optics, semiconductor and automotive industries rely on lapping and polishing machines to produce precision surfaces with a high degree of smoothness. Lapping produces smooth surfaces by rubbing two surfaces against each other with an abrasive material in between. The lapping process can be done by hand or by a machine. Lapping machines come in different sizes and types, depending on the job for which they are needed.

Creating precision surfaces with polishing machines
Lapping table machines can polish many different kinds of materials to a high degree of precision. Components made from ceramic, silicon, glass,