Tips for Hiring the Right Recruitment Firm


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More and more companies are looking to outsource their staffing needs. Between 2012 and 2013, businesses doubled their use of search firms. This represents the largest number of companies going to outside firms in more than 10 years. Many companies complain that they cannot find enough qualified people in their area. More than 70% say they cannot find the right people to hire. Regardless of what kind of employee you are looking for, hiring a recruiting firm may be the most cost effective way to get the right person for the job. From supply chain executive recruiters to product development positions, there are companies that exist solely to help companies like yours find the right staff.
Tips for Hiring the Right Recruitment Firm:

  • Decide what you need and want in your new hires. Take some time to think about the positions you have available. You probably know what you want and need but how you well you are able to explain it will determine how successful you are in finding the right candidates. Write a detailed job description and include any special skills the employee should have. This will help the supply chain executive recruiters find the right people. This sounds simple but often companies do not attract the right applicants because of problems with the job descriptions.
  • Decide the length of employment for the fires in question. If your company needs to staff up quickly for the short term or if you are looking for one person or a few to stay for a long time should be a big factor in deciding what firm to hire. Some firms are really good for finding temporary hires and have a great workforce at their disposal. Others are more adept at filling temporary to permanent positions.
  • Ask about their benefits and compensation packages. How much to they pay their people? How competitive are they in their hiring? You need to make sure the firm you hire is good to the people they hire. If they do not care about how their employees feel about them, they may not be in a good position to attract the best employees for your business either. Look at the kinds of people who work for them. Ask about what sort of training programs are offered to their workers. Some firms offer courses in software development or train them how to use different platforms. Whether you are looking at supply chain executive recruiters or for cybersecurity firms, going with a company that helps its workforce succeed can only help you.
  • Ask about all of their fees and rates. What happens if the staffer you get from a recruiting firm does not work out? What is their policy? You need to know what to do if that happens. Even under the best of circumstances, a new hire may not work out. This does not mean the firm did a bad job or the position is bad. If you hire someone and that night they win the Mega Millions lottery, maybe they will stay but there is a good chance they will not. What would the firm do then?

Hiring new staff is a time consuming venture. Getting the wrong person can be very costly. In 2013, it took an average for 32 days to hire a new, permanent employee, eight days for a contract staff member and six for a temporary person. This is with the help of a recruitment company. Those numbers go much higher for companies that try to handle all of the hiring on their own.
Sales staff can be the most difficult to hire. It has been estimated that a bad hire of a salesperson can cost a business more than triple what that person would make in a year. Hiring recruiters can help cut down on the cost and time it takes to find good candidates because that is what they are good at doing. If you need supply chain workers, you should look to supply chain executive recruiters to help you. At the very least, they can help you narrow down your search and select some of the top candidates in your industry for you to interview and consider to hire.