Are Your Customers Tired of Shopping Online? Why Corrugated Displays are Driving Realtime Sales


Printed retail packaging

Although many digital retailers still believe that a sale is over once the customer makes payment on a product, more online business owners have come to a different conclusion. Customized shipping boxes and innovative retail packaging design are rapidly becoming an essential detail for both online and in-store marketing campaigns. Studies show that customers make purchasing decisions based on visual cues: custom printed corrugated displays can have a lasting impact on customer opinions and buying patterns.

Printed retail packaging and point of purchase design displays are usually made from corrugated cardboard. Used for over a century in retail displays, lightweight corrugated pallet displays and custom mailer boxes can function as inexpensive marketing materials; customized shipping boxes keep getting easier to manufacture and lighter in overall weight. When the customer receives their package, they have a tangible reminder of a positive buying experience and can recycle or reuse the retail packaging boxes as needed.

Social media, of course, can be a formidable marketing tool, and can be an effective part of any digital sales funnel. What businesses of every size need to realize is that customers still shop at retail stores and at shopping malls because of their desire to touch and feel the merchandise. And although experts report that customers may only take a few seconds to make a buying decision, the rewards of shopping in person are tangible. Interacting with sales staff and spending time in the refreshingly non-virtual atmosphere of an actual retail store can influence future brand loyalty.

Before the economy shifted onto mobile phones and computers, customers often prized and held onto shopping bags from upscale stores. Owning and using a shopping bag from a well-known retail establishment allowed shoppers to continue to incorporate the brand into their daily persona. The influence of relatively small details like shopping bags and printed retail packaging on customer behavior and loyalty remains largely unmeasured.

Custom printed corrugated displays have the potential to influence customer buying patterns. In stores where merchandise or clothing rotates monthly or seasonally, custom printed corrugated displays can be rotated frequently to refresh and enliven the visual aspect of customers’ experience at the store, and custom product packaging can continue to allow customers to represent the brand long after sales transactions are completed.