Why Marketing Logistics are so important in an online world


Ecommerce order fulfillment

If the recent holidays were any indication, e-commerce sales will reach over $500 billion before 2018. Therefore, companies that do business on the internet need improved marketing logistics in order to compete and succeed. This often means turning to logistics management services for e-commerce order fulfillment.

Over 80% of those on the internet have made an online purchase and 50% of those that have purchased something on the World Wide Web have done it more than once. These numbers, along with marketing logistics and fulfillment distribution have made it so that third-party logistics companies or 3PL have seen an increase in business of around 15% annually.

However, companies that are part of the e-commerce order fulfillment process cannot rest on their laurels. This is due to the fact that many marketing logistics clients will only sign short-term contracts of up to five years. Therefore, in order to keep the business longer, they have to work at peak performance. Otherwise, once the contract is up, they will go elsewhere for their warehousing logistics needs.

One way that order fulfillment companies remain competitive is by offering low prices that can be passed on to the consumer. This is important because when it comes to the consumer end of marketing logistics, only 40% are willing to pay for shipping. Furthermore, when asked, almost 60% of online shoppers recommended free or reduced shipping as the best way to improve website sales.

A recent survey also showed that when it comes to marketing logistics, around 80% of online shoppers enjoy spending money on sites that had an easy checkout procedure along with a vast variety of items to choose from and a way for them to track their purchases online. The best way to fulfill these requests and remain competitive is to hire an outside company to handle the marketing supply chain management

Hiring and outside marketing logistics company will allow your warehouse manager to be part of the almost 60% that are focused on increasing supply chain visibility as well as part of the almost 40% that are currently planning to implement or invest in a new warehouse management system. Hiring an outside company to deal with marketing logistics will also help your warehouse manager optimize warehouse space, which is the number one priority of over 90% of those surveyed by Peerless Research.