Be Prompt, Miss Nothing — Advantages of Using After Hours Telephone Answering Services


Business answering service

For businesses, effective communication and efficient customer support are most often challenging tasks to do right. If you own a business that has clients and customers from multiple areas and across different time zones, this can be particularly problematic. Customers often call in with their questions and queries, and providing an instant response is of paramount importance if you want to create lasting relationships. Automated messages and recordings do not leave a good impression if a customer calls outside of office hours, and even during office hours, about 80% of your customer might choose to hang up on you if they hear a voicemail message.

For continued success in the field of customer satisfaction, it is imperative, therefore, to ensure that customers can reach you at any hour without hassle. This is where a company that provides after hours telephone answering services can come in handy. What you need is a call answering service company that understands your needs, can adapt to your hours and ensure that your customers get through and speak with a real person every time.

Phone communication is the preferred mode of getting through to customer support for about 80% of consumers, and you need the best answering service you can find to ensure that every call gets through irrespective of the time of day. After hours telephone answering services employ people to act as your customer representatives and answer phone calls round the clock. This means that no matter how wide your customer base is, you will always have someone on the phone who can answer queries, offer suggestions, note down complaints and sell more products.

Important Advantages

The advantages of hiring an after hours telephone answering service are numerous. For one, it can do wonders to the opinion customers form about you and the credibility you have with them. Having their call answered gives customers an idea about your professionalism and desire to stay in touch, and also makes it clear that you take your customer satisfaction seriously. This can help create favor and increase your business with time.

Another huge plus that after hours telephone answering services bring is the opportunity of additional business outside of office hours. Any selling that you can do over the phone no longer needs to be confined to your office hours, and you can really start to see that extra business coming in and adding to your revenue. As the business grows, employing such a service can become much more of a smart move.

Finally, a huge advantage that comes with the package is that you have skilled, professional and experienced people handling your calls. With customers, having the right conversation that provides satisfaction is often not about reading out scripted messages, but more about forming an emotional connect and showing empathy. Skilled call answering personnel can serve you the best in this role as they have a clear idea about the attributes they need to display in such conversations.

No matter how large your business is, being available and accessible for customers at all times sends a strong message about your company, and one that should make a considerable difference with customers. Hiring after hours telephone answering services might yet be the best business decision you have made.