The Ovens Powering the US Industrial, Commercial and Residential


Metal melting furnaces

Industrial ovens, commercial ovens, and residential ovens are the same basic technology used for very different purposes. Residential ovens are obviously used for families to cook food for themselves, on a small scale. The technology typically involves gas burners or electric burners, and an oven component for baking purposes. These can be run on gas or electricity, with different benefits of each, and should be sufficient for the cooking needs of individuals and families.

Commercial ovens are used in restaurants and food production factories and can accommodate large amounts of food. Revolving ovens are a type of commercial oven and can hold eight to 32 pans, often used in large restaurants. Most are powered by natural gas, with electric being the next most popular. Gas is generally better for restaurants to use because it provides better control over the burners, but many non-restaurants use electric. In fact, 95% of commercial businesses use some type of oven. Bakeries, for example, could use an electric oven, and there are 2,800 bakeries in the U.S.

Industrial ovens are used in the robust U.S. manufacturing industry, which increased by 30% in 2013. More than half of what the country exports are goods that are manufactured, which often requires heat. Industry also uses lead melters, rectangular melters, venturi burners and kettle heating burners to heat and mold metal, plastic and many other materials that are used in manufacturing. Industrial burner manufacturers provide the ovens that power all this manufacturing, which essentially helps to fuels the U.S. economy. It also uses quite a lot of energy, all this heating and burning, and whether is is gas or electricity powered, U.S. manufacturing is a huge strain on the power grid.

Industrial ovens are the most widely used in manufacturing, commercial ovens are crucial to the success of restaurants and food production, and residential ovens help to feed us daily. It’s safe to say that this country is powered by ovens in a lot of ways. Another type of oven is a backyard grill, which 97.4% of people surveyed recently said was the number one feature of their ideal backyard. Even in home relaxation, a cooking or heating apparatus is paramount.