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Do You Make Sure That You Are Safe When You Work on Projects at Home?

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Thankfully, your husband pays nearly as close attention to fall protection on projects at home as he does at work. Otherwise, you would have been a nervous wreck during this last project.
In an effort to make room for a third car in your garage, your husband built a large storage shelf above the double garage door. A few years ago he built a similar, but smaller, shelf above the single garage door. As you add your youngest daughter to the list of drivers in your home, however, the storage space is at a premium. In hindsight, you realize that your husband spent nearly as much time preparing a fall protection plan as he did in assembling the shelf. His attention

Point to Point and Across the Globe with the Shipping Industry

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In the earliest days following the “discovery” of the Americas, settlements relied on shipping from across the sea for many different kinds of supplies. Long before the days of needing a procurement certification and all of the other necessaries of today’s shipping methods, shipping to South America, Africa, and Europe was an extremely perilous task, attempted by explorers and those who would dare to take chances.

Over the next few hundred years, shipping evolved from being a one-way situation to multiple shipping lanes of give and take. Products and important papers and many other things began to be shipped back and forth between the American colonies and Europe. It

4 Tips for Creating a Strong Business Brand

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Branding is one of the most important, yet overlooked part of business success. Your business brand is what will bring customers back. It is also what will encourage new customers to try your product or services. Creating a well known brand requires dedication and specific planning. It is not a quick process. A positive brand often takes many years to achieve. A successful business branding can be created with the following steps.

Focus on customer satisfaction

When customers are satisfied, they not only are more likely to return to your place of business, but they are also more likely to recommend your business to others. Word of mouth and referrals are an extremely important method for successfully growing a business. Regardless of your current business plan, the n

4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Digital Marketing Team

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Do you own a business? Did it take off during its first year and now it seems to be slowing down? You might be perplexed as to why your company had so much success originally. You had a great product. You established who your consumer was. You reached your consumers, and your business reaped the benefits. So, what happened? Did your customer base change? Has your product gone out of style or lost its usefulness? This is a common struggle for business owners. It?s not easy to keep your company and your product relevant in a society where the ability to consume products is available both in person and virtually.

So, how do you move forward? What needs to take place to remedy the rut your company is in? The answer is marketing. To be more specific, you need the help of a digital marketing compa

A Few Important Bankruptcy Facts You Need to Know

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Bankruptcy, like any other legal process, can be a lengthy and challenging affair. Before you file for any type of bankruptcy though, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, keep reading. Here are the most important facts you should know about the process.
There Are Multiple Types of Bankruptcy
That’s right, there are multiple kinds of bankruptcy, and you need to know which form will work best for you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as liquidation or straight bankruptcy. This allows people to essentially discharge all of their debts and start with a blank slate. But if you’re facing debt issues and simply want to reorganize, Continue Reading

Potholes, Roadsigns And Traffic How America’s Roads Will Change For The Better

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Many Americans are concerned about the quality of their roads. They rely on well-maintained highway and interstate systems on a daily basis as they head to work, take their children to school and run daily errands. Damaged roads, roadblocks, congested traffic and hazardous driving conditions are but a few of the concerns they have to take into account every time they step behind the wheel. A civil engineering company and its civil engineer services are there when the country threatens to fail its residents, providing feasible solutions in all areas of society.

History Of America’s Roads

The United States boasts some of the largest and most complex highway systems on the planet. It wasn’t always this way, however. Inspired by the interconnected glory of high-speed roads in Germany du

Three Popular Types of Metal Coatings

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A business owner always wants to find the best way to improve their production. You don’t want your products to be finished in production, only to be dissatisfied with the final result. Manufacturers want their products to withstand damage from wear, erosion, and sliding. Some companies may not be aware of the amazing coatings that are available today. In this post, you will learn about three popular types of metal coatings.

  1. Sliding Wear Coatings: These coatings are used for metals in which sliding motions are common. When sliding occurs, metal surfaces can begin to wear quicker. Ensuring you have sliding wear coatings helps to keep metal looking pristine and sleek. Sliding wear

Mounted Flyer Holders and Other Small Things That Can Make the Difference at Your Store

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Whenever you are operating a store of some kind, it always is a good move to have the right kind of messages that your customers can absorb and know more about your product and service offerings. Giving your customers the knowledge about what is on offer is a great way to ensure that your products sell better, and your customers go home more satisfied and content. Many businesses can sometimes make the mistake of not having enough information which is easily available to customers at their store, which is something that can act as a deterrent for many people. There are a lot of things that you can achieve with Simple mechanisms like display racks, indoor sign stands, outdoor sign stands, pamphlet

Packaging Like a Pro: 4 Common Types of Packaging Tape to Be Aware Of

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box shippingAt least 20 million containers are currently traveling across the oceans. When it comes to box shipping, it can be difficult to determine the best way to protect any valuable items you may be sending in the mail. Even if you thoroughly cushion the box, there’s still a chance its contents could become compromised if the tape you used isn’t strong enough and the box happens to break open. And if you don’t have packing insurance for shipping, you’ll be out of luck. If you want to learn how to package like a pro, it starts with learning about the different types of packing tape.

  • Masking Tape:
    Masking tape is commonly considered as a type of packing tape, but in reality, it’s much more suitable for other uses outside of package delivery. While it can be used for lighter boxes, it doesn’t have a lot of strength and is generally not recommended for box shipping. It does remove cleanly, however.
  • Printed ‘Fragile’ Tape:
    If you’ve order any product that’s considered to be ‘fragile’ over the Internet, you may have seen this type of tape before. It’s simply a type of secure packaging tape designed to let shippers know that the contents are fragile and should be handled with care.
  • Cross Weave Filament Tape:
    Cross weave filament tape is one of the less commonly known types of packaging tape, but it’s great for protecting the security of the items and reducing the risk of accidental damage or opening by unauthorized parties. The tape’s design allows for the filaments to make it exceedingly difficult to open by hand, so packages have an extra level of security.
  • Custom Printed Tape:
    If you happen to have your own business, you can design your own type of custom printed tape to help endorse your company. The tape can be printed with your company logo and information, or anything else you want to have on it. Not only does this type of tape provide extra security for packages, but it helps develop brand awareness by utilizing a creative marketing product.

Ultimately, you should highly consider the type of package you’re shipping before deciding on the best type of packaging tape to use. For more information about box shipping, contact Unival-Logistics.

Business Coaching How It Helps Improve Company Culture

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Working with others can sometimes be more difficult than people might initially think. A typical company might employ dozens of people who interact with each other on a daily basis; and not everyone is built to like all of their coworkers. They might have ideological differences, or they might disagree regarding their approaches to work. No matter why people disagree — it tends to happen frequently at the workplace, and this can lead to serious conflict. Not only does conflict make it more difficult for work to be done effectively; it can also lead to people quitting their jobs prematurely. The more people get along, the more successful a company will be. Therefore, in recent years, it’s become more common for companies to focus not just on the bottom line, but promoting a positive company cult