Packaging Like a Pro: 4 Common Types of Packaging Tape to Be Aware Of


box shippingAt least 20 million containers are currently traveling across the oceans. When it comes to box shipping, it can be difficult to determine the best way to protect any valuable items you may be sending in the mail. Even if you thoroughly cushion the box, there’s still a chance its contents could become compromised if the tape you used isn’t strong enough and the box happens to break open. And if you don’t have packing insurance for shipping, you’ll be out of luck. If you want to learn how to package like a pro, it starts with learning about the different types of packing tape.

  • Masking Tape:
    Masking tape is commonly considered as a type of packing tape, but in reality, it’s much more suitable for other uses outside of package delivery. While it can be used for lighter boxes, it doesn’t have a lot of strength and is generally not recommended for box shipping. It does remove cleanly, however.
  • Printed ‘Fragile’ Tape:
    If you’ve order any product that’s considered to be ‘fragile’ over the Internet, you may have seen this type of tape before. It’s simply a type of secure packaging tape designed to let shippers know that the contents are fragile and should be handled with care.
  • Cross Weave Filament Tape:
    Cross weave filament tape is one of the less commonly known types of packaging tape, but it’s great for protecting the security of the items and reducing the risk of accidental damage or opening by unauthorized parties. The tape’s design allows for the filaments to make it exceedingly difficult to open by hand, so packages have an extra level of security.
  • Custom Printed Tape:
    If you happen to have your own business, you can design your own type of custom printed tape to help endorse your company. The tape can be printed with your company logo and information, or anything else you want to have on it. Not only does this type of tape provide extra security for packages, but it helps develop brand awareness by utilizing a creative marketing product.

Ultimately, you should highly consider the type of package you’re shipping before deciding on the best type of packaging tape to use. For more information about box shipping, contact Unival-Logistics.