Three Popular Types of Metal Coatings


Hard chrome replacements

A business owner always wants to find the best way to improve their production. You don’t want your products to be finished in production, only to be dissatisfied with the final result. Manufacturers want their products to withstand damage from wear, erosion, and sliding. Some companies may not be aware of the amazing coatings that are available today. In this post, you will learn about three popular types of metal coatings.

  1. Sliding Wear Coatings: These coatings are used for metals in which sliding motions are common. When sliding occurs, metal surfaces can begin to wear quicker. Ensuring you have sliding wear coatings helps to keep metal looking pristine and sleek. Sliding wear coatings ensure that your product can handle a lot of wear. Construction industries will usually look for sliding wear coatings as construction devices undergo a lot of sliding wear.
  2. Thermal Spray Coating: This type of coating involves heated materials sprayed onto a surface. Thermal spray can provide an extremely thick and protective layer to your products. These sprays are usually offered in a wide array of color options. The process used to thermal spray coat is very similar to how spray on truck liners are created.
  3. Hard Chrome Plating: Putting a chrome plating on materials can also add strong protection to any product. In addition, the reflective nature of chrome makes it one of the coolest coatings around. However, an added feature of chrome plating is how great it makes a final product look. Chrome is one of the most popular coating types available. In addition, there are hard chrome replacements that are made through a similar manufacturing process.

In conclusion, there are many types of coatings that can offer benefits to a manufacturer. Sliding wear coatings are great to prevent sliding wear to take place. Thermal spray coatings are popular choices for providing thick layers of durability. Hard chrome plating is a way to protect the products you manufacture while also making them look really cool! If you are in need of making your products stand out, consider contacting a coating company in your area. There are many types of coatings to choose from but choosing the right one could add new life into your product.