Point to Point and Across the Globe with the Shipping Industry


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In the earliest days following the “discovery” of the Americas, settlements relied on shipping from across the sea for many different kinds of supplies. Long before the days of needing a procurement certification and all of the other necessaries of today’s shipping methods, shipping to South America, Africa, and Europe was an extremely perilous task, attempted by explorers and those who would dare to take chances.

Over the next few hundred years, shipping evolved from being a one-way situation to multiple shipping lanes of give and take. Products and important papers and many other things began to be shipped back and forth between the American colonies and Europe. It wasn’t long before shipping became a truly world-wide enterprise. Ships were rounding the “horn” of Africa and going to places humankind never thought could be connected, places many didn’t know existed.

In today’s modern world, we have shipping methods that take us to every corner of the globe and back. While many shipping companies have used their procurement certification and stuck to the open seas, other companies have taken to the open skies to fulfill the shipping needs of companies and individuals worldwide.

These airline companies that have taken to the skies are known as cargo airlines. These are airlines that carry only cargo either domestically or internationally. Air and ocean cargo make its way all over the world at astonishing rates every day of the year. No matter where you are, you are always very close to something that is on its way to somewhere from somewhere else.

The global aviation industry is responsible for a huge amount of cargo every year. In 2012, for example, the global aviation industry moved somewhere in the neighborhood of $6.4 trillion worth of cargo. The business of shipping is not only about getting products from one place to another but also transporting all of the cargo from one point to another while keeping the cargo and everyone involved in the delivery process safe. The oceans have not gotten any less dangerous, it is only our technology that has allowed us to navigate the dangers more easily.

Latin American cargo, European cargo, or any types of shipping lines in USA ocean freight territories have agreed on international terms for how shipping can be most effectively and expediently accomplished in and around the many oceans of the world. A procurement certification and a desire to get the job done has taken companies with a dream to a place of true respect in the shipping industry.

One of the most effective ways of shipping, whether it be by land, air, or sea is to go point to point. There are many benefits associated with point to point travel. One of the many benefits of point to point travel is that it decreases the amount of time the company needs to travel. The reason for this is the fast and effective way the transportation is being done. The shortest distance between two points might be a straight line or it might be a slight right or left turn, too. The point is, it is as straight a shot as you can get. If you concentrate on one way, you end up doing that way best.