4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Digital Marketing Team

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Do you own a business? Did it take off during its first year and now it seems to be slowing down? You might be perplexed as to why your company had so much success originally. You had a great product. You established who your consumer was. You reached your consumers, and your business reaped the benefits. So, what happened? Did your customer base change? Has your product gone out of style or lost its usefulness? This is a common struggle for business owners. It?s not easy to keep your company and your product relevant in a society where the ability to consume products is available both in person and virtually.

So, how do you move forward? What needs to take place to remedy the rut your company is in? The answer is marketing. To be more specific, you need the help of a digital marketing company. More than 180 billion dollars was spent in 2015 in the United States on advertising. You can?t be expected to maintain your own marketing or digital marketing when you?re trying to run your company. That?s why you should do the research and entrust this responsibility to a digital marketing company you approve of.

What can a digital marketing company do to help your company reach its consumer base?

1. Branding or Rebranding

Digital marketing companies can assist you with establishing a company brand. Even if you started with a company brand, they can reassess, re-establish and rebrand your company. From an outside perspective, they can peer into your company and help you see things you might have missed. After branding, or rebranding, is set in place, the digital marketing can assist with other important elements like website design, social media presence and content creation.

2. Website Design

You have 3 seconds or less to catch your reader?s eye when they first visit your website. If you don?t, statistics show that 40 percent of people tend to leave the webpage without scrolling, clicking or reading if it takes longer than three seconds for the page to load or for them to get an idea of what your company is about. Your website?s design is also important to consumers. 46 percent of people state that it?s most important to them that a company have an appealing website design.

3. Content Creation

Once you have an established brand for your company and a website that is up and running, content creation is next on the list. Having relevant content on your website or an associated blog is important to your consumers. 87 percent of buyers state that when they?re shopping, well-written and related content impacts their choice to buy. On the other hand, if the content is too promotional, forty-three percent become less interested. Even if you have content on your site or a blog, if it hasn?t been updated recently, it?s not doing its job. Just like your site, your content needs updating because, in both instances, changes occur with the devices, browses and content that require your attention. Accessibility and the display of your site and content can change or update if it is not maintained properly.

4. Social Media

Your company should have a social media presence. This won?t be as simple as posting to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram every once in awhile. Having a dedicated social media team for your company is important, it?s a decision 78 percent of companies made in 2015 with numbers rising. Social media is a direct way to reach your customers with content, promos and information your company.

Take the opportunity to research and reach out to a digital marketing company. Even if your company is doing well currently, it?s essential to get establish a digital marketing plan for your company to maintain its success. Let us know in the comments how digital marketing services have helped your company!