Pipeline Basket Strainer Easily Explained


This video explains everything you need to know about a basket strainer used in a pipeline. A pipeline strainer is an integral part of a pipeline. Some people confuse a strainer with a filter, however, they serve very different functions.

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A strainer catches debris and has to be emptied regularly. There is a filtration device attached to the strainer, but the strainer is a separate system part. This video shows you all the different components of this part using animation to help the viewer better understand the function of the strainer and how the parts come together to make it work. The presenter explains each part in detail and how it works including how the strainer is emptied.
Anyone that is interested in the parts of a pipeline or wants to know how a pipeline strainer system works will enjoy this video. There is a lot of information in this short video that makes it easy to understand how this part works and how to properly care for it. Watch the video now.