Top Tips for Repairing Seawall Erosion


For most waterfront properties, seawall erosion repair is considered essential maintenance. Sea walls or bulkheads are used around lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans. This video introduces the DSMS (Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System).

Video Source

This DSMS is a repair system that can extend the life of seawalls and bulkheads with minimal disruption to the original structure.

This video shows the actual repair of a bulkhead on a golf course. The system is minimally invasive yet can easily repair bulkheads and seawalls that are in disrepair. This system can make long-lasting repairs for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to replace a seawall or bulkhead.

This system is ideal for residential and commercial properties. The process is quick. Repairs are estimated to take about thirty minutes. The video is an interesting watch and provides a great deal of information for anyone that is looking for a way to repair their seawall without major construction. Learn more about the DSMS seawall repair system and how it can help improve the safety and reliability of your seawall. Watch now.