3 HVAC Secrets Your Contractor Wont Tell You


This video from Griffin Air reveals the three secrets that your HVAC contractor does not want you to know. Josh from Griffin Air delivers this exposé of what your HVAC contractor may be keeping from you. What information is being kept from you that you should know?

The first secret that is revealed is that pricing is often adjusted based on the busy season.

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Some HVAC services are increasing their estimates when they are experiencing a busy period. This is important information for anyone that is looking for estimates.

Another issue is the batteries in the thermostat. You should also ask the service tech why they are putting batteries in your thermostat and if it is something you need to keep up with. Finally, the presenter talks about how to check if your system is still under warranty. GriffinAir.net offers an easy way to check your warranty to see if your warranty is valid. This video is full of revelations that every homeowner should be aware of about HVAC services. Watch the video now to ensure that you get treated fairly.