Making Your House Environmentally Friendly, Starting with Marmoleum Flooring Products


When you are building or remodeling your home, you may consider several factors that you did not initially consider when you were buying or designing your abode. Sure, you have the important basics down, and you know that you are going to love the layout and design that you have chosen, but there are more options to think about. On top of how you want your house to look and feel, you are going to want to choose products that are good for the planet as well. While this may have been a feat to do at one point, there are now more and more options that allow people to make the right choice for the environment.

Choosing environmentally friendly building products

Green building products are definitely possible to find, and growing in popularity, which is good for the environment as a whole. Many products that are environmentally friendly are actually of better quality than what has been the norm for so long, and many create better efficiency when it comes to energy throughout the home as well. There has been a focus on energy efficient home appliances, but you can find products that are environmentally friendly and lend themselves to energy efficiency all throughout the home, from the exterior siding to the types of windows and doors you choose, right down to eco friendly flooring options. Some environmentally friendly flooring products are more well known than others, but you can always ask an expert, such as one of your contractors or an employee at a home furnishings and supply store what would be best for your home. Chances are you will be looking at marmoleum flooring products at some point.

What is a marmoleum flooring product?

Marmoleum flooring products are a type of linoleum that comes
in several different colors to give you plenty of options. These products are made from natural materials and are completely biodegradable. With the right type and level of maintenance, this kind of flooring can last up to 40 or 50 years. Having that durability for your floors offers quite a bit of piece of mind.

It also does not release or harbor any toxins or chemical residues, which is significant to note, as many people are unaware of the fact that some pollutant concentrations can be two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. Those individuals who are more susceptible to the negative effects of pollution, such as the very young, elderly, or those with respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, often spend more time indoors. In fact people across the country in general spend around 90% of their time inside. So having a home built and designed with natural products that do not contribute to those levels of air pollution is critical.

Creating manmade products and buildings does not have to mean that they will be detrimental to the earth. Using natural products responsibly and continuing to build on your knowledge and awareness of how to exist as environmentally friendly as possible can help turn the tide of the overall health of the planet.