How Do Companies That Sell Puppy Food for Allergies Start Up?


There was a time when kibble could only be found in supermarkets. The dog owners had little to no choice but to buy them. Slowly, dog food companies emerged that sold even puppy food for allergies. This video is one such story, where a passionate entrepreneur ventured into pet food production after losing his dog to cancer.

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The need for thoughtful ingredients and high standards gave birth to pet food startups. One after the other, many pet food companies arose, sometimes with little to no capital. Many of these start-ups were passion projects, and with no real investment in place.

These entrepreneurs usually avail of loans or use up their savings to start the business. Their only motto is to provide the highest quality dog food—one that’s equivalent to what humans consume. The food is made with the best quality ingredients and hand-packed in a clean environment. This means that their pet food is fully nutritional and safe, even for allergy-prone dogs. Additionally, these companies use recyclable materials to ensure environmental safety. In simple words, it’s raw food of the highest quality produced to foster clean eating habits in pets.