Tips for New Roof Cleaning Companies


This video does a solid job covering tips on how to start roof cleaning companies. We’ve got some helpful tips to keep you going once your new roof cleaning company has opened its doors to the public.

Start Small

In any business, trying to grow too big too quickly can bring things crashing down on you. Learn how to use your tools, how to clean roofs and gutters most effectively, and take only as much business as you can reasonably handle as a small business.

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Keep Your Tools Safe and Secure

Starting out, you can do just fine with only a ladder, leafblower, and a push broom. A ladder to get up high, a leafblower to get leaves and other debris off, and a brush for stuff that is not as easily blown off. Keep these things maintained to the best of your ability so you don’t have to spend money to replace them needlessly.

Be Safe

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a roof cleaner is that it’s a potentially dangerous job, especially if the client has a multi-floor home. Thus, make sure that you’re always mindful of the risks, and that you know how to manage yourself while up high.