Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance Checklist For Hotels and Motels


Fire sprinkler repairs

Each year 150 people are injured and 15 people die from hotel and motel fires. It has been found that non-chemical suppression systems effectively operate successfully 96% of the time for commercial areas with large oven ranges. Fire sprinkler maintenance services are a crucial component for fire protection services to operate when needed. Without a solid maintenance plan, there is a chance for disaster.

What to Know About Fire Sprinkler Inspections For Motels and Hotels.

The people who stay in hotels or motels are trusting the management with their and their family’s well-being during their stay. In hotels especially, the danger of a fire outbreak presents a terrible risk. The simplicity of a routine maintenance check can help prevent a tragedy.

What Happens During a Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Service?

A fire sprinkler maintenance service check makes sure that every piece in the suppression system will operate correctly when called upon. This includes the gauges, the control valves, the alarm valves, the sprinkler heads, the water flow alarm, and the pipes and fittings. Checks should be done on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, but not every component needs to be checked at each time marker. This is why it is essential to have the system checked by a licensed fire sprinkler technician.

What Are the National Regulations For Fire Suppression Systems?

The U.S. Hotel and Fire Safety Act of 1990 outlines the legal requirements for hotels receiving federal funding in how they must provide a minimum level of safety procedures. This includes the ubiquitous fire escape route posted at key points, and of course the fire sprinkler systems in place.

All a hotel or motel needs to do is follow the guidelines set forth. Correct installation, regular maintenance checks, and proper postings will fulfill most of the requirements. It is simple stuff, and yet it is crucial in terms of public safety. A licensed fire protection company will be able to answer specifics concerning upgrades, repairs, and of course regular maintenance. It never hurts to double check things when it comes to safety.