Storage Unit Spring Cleaning 4 Helpful Tips


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Storage facilities are popular for many families. These facilities serve a variety of purposes. There are approximately 58,000 storage facilities making them five times more popular than Starbucks, and almost 9% of all U.S. households use storage buildings. Sometimes storage unit rental is needed for short term storage, other times it is needed for long term storage. When long term storage is needed it’s important to remember to clean your unit out regularly, and what better time than spring? Read below for some fail proof pointers to keep your storage unit clean and tidy and help with cleaning it out.

Clean Unit Out

This is probably the most labor intensive part of cleaning your storage unit rental. This step includes removing everything from the unit so that you can clearly see what all you have. Once you have everything removed you can clean and organize your storage unit. This step will help you organize and remove clutter that hasn’t been used in a while.


Sweep the storage unit while it is empty and clean any and all dust out of the unit. Ensure that you get the corners of the storage unit rental. This steps helps to remove all the dirt before it begins to build up on your boxes and your belongings. This step also keeps your belongings clean so that when you transport things from your storage unit rental back to your house they aren’t all dusty and dirty. This is also a good time to clean any wood furniture you have stored in your storage unit, to keep it clean and protect the wood.

Air it out

Now that you are spending time to clean your unit, this is a good time to keep the door open and allow fresh air into the unit. Leave the door open while you clean, sweep and remove all the storage items. Leave it open while you go through the contents to see what you still need to store.

Label Boxes

This step is incredibly important, especially for those using small units and medium units. These boxes will need to be stacked, but still accessible. If you don’t label your boxes you will have a hard time trying to find anything in your storage space. Label you boxes and depending on your unit size, try to have three separate stacks of boxes. Stack boxes in order of things that are not important, things that have some importance and those things that are extremely important. This will make it easier to access them later.

Follow these tips to clean your storage unit, and then rest assured that this only needs to be done once or twice a year. These tips can save you some time, and turn a weekend chore into a one day chore, leaving plenty of time to enjoy other things during your time off.