6 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great


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If your business has its own parking lot, you know how important it is to keep it looking good. Not only do people judge businesses by the look of their parking lot but if you do not use a parking lot sweeping services company or have a road sweeping services company handle the cleaning for you and there are cracks in the pavement, a customer who trips and falls can wind up suing you. Here are some tips to keep yours looking its best:

  1. Start with a seal. After you first have the asphalt laid down for your parking lot, before you look into parking lot sweeping prices, you should have a seal coat applied. This is not something you do once and never again but a process that needs to be repeated every few years. This does a number of things for the asphalt. It can slow down the normal breakdown of the asphalt. It can also help prevent damage caused by the elements. How often you need to repeat this process will depend on a number of factors, including the weather patterns of your area. Many experts recommend doing it every two years but you should not hesitate to do it more often if that is recommended.
  2. Get it really clean. By bringing in a road sweeping services company to do a full sweep of your parking lot has a lot of benefits. It gets rid of any of the leaves, branches, rocks, dirt, and other debris that may have blown on to your parking lot. This can help the asphalt last longer. When you have a lot of trash and other debris lying around, it prevents water from draining off of the parking lot surface. Water can then seep into the pavement and cause a host of problems, including potholes and cracks. People are also less likely to shop at a store with a messy parking lot. They look at that and wonder if you do not keep the outside clean, how clean can the inside be?
  3. Keep an eye on your parking lot. If you have a street sweeping service company come in and clean up your parking lot on a regular basis, this next step will be easier to do. Walk around your lot and check for cracks, potholes, and other issues. If you see small cracks, deal with them right away. Small problems have a way of growing into large ones that are harder and expensive to deal with. This also means if you start to see weeds peeking through your pavement, you need to get a handle on them.
  4. Look at your drains. Again, this is much easier to do when you have already had your parking lot kept clean and clear by using a good road sweeping services company. One of the last things you need is to have a lot of standing water around your lot. Again, this will seep into your pavement and cause a ton of damage to your lot. It can also impact the stability of the asphalt itself. The more on top of this you are, the better. You can do a lot to extend the life of your parking lot by keeping it free of standing water.
  5. Keep your parking lot oil free. It is impossible to not get oil on your parking lot from the cars and trucks that use it but you should not let that oil stay where it falls. This can do damage to your pavement that is similar to what the water can do. Over time, it will start to break down the pavement and cause the surface to weaken. Talk to your road sweeping services company about the best ways to deal with oil on your parking lot surface.
  6. Have your lot repainted. Over time, when cars and trucks drive in the same pattern, it causes damage to your parking lot. From time to time, you need to have your parking lot stripes redone and when you do that, you should change up the arrangement of the parking spots on your parking lot to prevent this problem from shortening the lifespan of your parking lot.