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A Comparison of the 3 Main Types of Single Room Air Conditioners

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As the months heat up, air conditioners across the nation are beginning to surge back to life. For two thirds of U.S. homes, these are part of their HVAC system; but what if your residence doesn’t have central air conditioning? Or perhaps you have a central unit but are loathe to turn it on and watch your energy bills skyrocket? As much as 5% of the nation’s electricity is used by air conditioners.

If you’re in the latter category of people with expensive central AC units, you could always upgrade to a more efficient model. High-efficiency ACs, when coupled with other activities for cooling your h

Creating a Trade Show Booth that Will Grab Customers Attention

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Trade show rental displays

Marketing is a crucial part of any business. Without marketing, you would not have the ability to allow new potential customers to learn about your business. Without this, they will never become customers. Although marketing is a very important part of any growing business, it is often neglected or under used because of the costs that are associated with it. Marketing can be expensive, and not all marketing tactics will be as successful as the next one. It can be difficult and costly to figure out which one works the best. Low costing marketing options that produce a great amount of customer reach are always desired by business owners. Exhibits or trade shows are a great marketing effort that is low cost and can reach as many as hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

The average company

Did You Know Most Customers Frequent Businesses They Live Close To?

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School marquee

The power of marketing is not to be underestimated! Be it your local church bake sale or a small business you’re trying to get off the ground, using advertising and graphic design to the best of your ability will mean the difference between success and a withering descent into obscurity. Scrolling marquee signs have become a popular option of late, combining technology and communicative design in one bright and eye-catching package. They can be assembled in a variety of sizes and colors, perfectly tailored to suit your business and provide a solid first impression no matter the time of day. If you’re thinking about overhauling your marketing approach or are just looking for a few new ideas, take a look below to learn more about the power of signage in all its different forms.

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