Did You Know Most Customers Frequent Businesses They Live Close To?


School marquee

The power of marketing is not to be underestimated! Be it your local church bake sale or a small business you’re trying to get off the ground, using advertising and graphic design to the best of your ability will mean the difference between success and a withering descent into obscurity. Scrolling marquee signs have become a popular option of late, combining technology and communicative design in one bright and eye-catching package. They can be assembled in a variety of sizes and colors, perfectly tailored to suit your business and provide a solid first impression no matter the time of day. If you’re thinking about overhauling your marketing approach or are just looking for a few new ideas, take a look below to learn more about the power of signage in all its different forms.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

A sign is more than just a mundane chore — it gives your customers-to-be a strong first impression on what to expect when buying your goods or services. Digital signs for businesses include scrolling marquee signs, LED business signs and outdoor LED displays. These can be put just outside your door or further down the street, all the better to get your brand out there for the world to see. Signs for municipalities or churches can even be customized to better suit your environment, with many advertising agencies well-versed in the art of customer relations on top of design and typography. Pretty neat! Even better is they’ve been proven to help customers find your place of business in the first place, an often underestimated aspect of sign placement.

Help Them Find Your Business

Did you know that a study saw over 35% of people unable to find a business without the sign? Needless to say, it’ll be hard to make money if your customers can’t even walk through the front door! Nearly 18% of Best Buy’s walk-in customers did so because of its large sign and studies have shown that adding or changing a sign will directly improve sales revenue. For example, a larger sign has been shown to increase sales by nearly 8% and provide a more positive impression than smaller or harder to see sign posts.

Keep Up With The Times

While traditional signs haven’t fallen out of favor by any means, scrolling marque signs and outdoor LED business signs have popped up as a more ideal option for businesses small and large. They signal that you’re tech savvy, doing away with traditional means in favor of more flashy and creative electric displays. It’s been found that the value of an on-site sign is the same as 24 full-page newspaper advertisements! Over 70% of people will look at messages on roadside billboards, as well, and a third reported looking at an outdoor ad every time they passed by on foot or in a car.

Sparking Interest

Many studies have been conducted to better understand what customers want out of their shopping experience, as scrolling marquee signs and outdoor displays won’t mean much without proper work. A survey saw a stunning 70% of customers saying they make decision while still in their car — small wonder billboards are so frequently sought after! Another 30% said they visited a place of business based on a billboard they had seen earlier that week. Placement is key with marketing, as customers have been found to be less likely to visit a business that is more than five miles away from where they live.

Dress To Impress

The year 2019 will have LEDs achieving a 53% penetration of the global lighting market. The future is now and nowhere is that more clear than the popularity and draw of scrolling marquee signs and displays. If you’re concerned about being environmentally friendly, lay those fears to rest — substrates are the polyethylene sheets that billboard messages are printed on, with the number of recyclable substrates having nearly quadrupled in the past few years. LED business signs share many similarities, with the added bonus of being more effervescent and interesting than a flat printing. Next time you’re thinking of giving your business a makeover, put sign renovation at the top of your list and reap the results!