Creating a Trade Show Booth that Will Grab Customers Attention


Trade show rental displays

Marketing is a crucial part of any business. Without marketing, you would not have the ability to allow new potential customers to learn about your business. Without this, they will never become customers. Although marketing is a very important part of any growing business, it is often neglected or under used because of the costs that are associated with it. Marketing can be expensive, and not all marketing tactics will be as successful as the next one. It can be difficult and costly to figure out which one works the best. Low costing marketing options that produce a great amount of customer reach are always desired by business owners. Exhibits or trade shows are a great marketing effort that is low cost and can reach as many as hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

The average company allocates 31.6% of its total marketing budget to events and exhibiting, and more than $24 billion is spent annually by U.S. Exhibitors for trade show displays, yet 70% of these exhibitors set no specific objectives for trade show exhibits. Although trade shows are a cost effective marketing strategy, it is still important for a business to measure and quantify their success rates. Success rates are often computed by figuring out how much was spent on the custom exhibit design and the exhibit rentals and how many customers came from the trade show. An average number is given to each new customer, and the differences are calculated, figuring out the success rates of the trade show.

A trade show provides a business with a lot of free customer contact. The average U.S. trade show visitor spends 9.5 hours viewing exhibits. They are walking the trade show with the specific purpose of shopping around and getting to know the new businesses attending. It is also important to keep in mind that although a trade show provides a business with a lot of new customers, they are also competing with hundreds of other exhibit rentals for these customers? attention and business. It is crucial that the trade show booth designs are designed correctly.

Things like font size, information that is viewable and colors of the trade show exhibit design are actually very important. A customer is walking through hundreds of other exhibit rentals and the businesses job is to catch their attention and make them want to stop at their booth. Custom exhibits often catch attention and include information or designs that the other trade show booths do not. Even factors such as fonts matter in a trade show booth design. Sans Serif fonts like Helvetica are generally considered to be the most easily read. Of course, your brand?s style guide will dictate some of these font decisions, but remember not to use more than 2 or 3 different fonts at the same time. Also remember to ensure that the size of the font is easily readable from far away, as potential customers are often viewing the booths from across the room, deciding if they want to stop.

Trade shows are a great cost effective way to market a growing business for new customers. They are low cost and provide the ability to reach a potential of hundreds of thousands of new customers. It is important to create a booth design that is unique and easy to read. A business will be competing with hundreds of other booths and businesses, and the goal is to catch the attention of the potential customer. Things like font size, color of the booth and information that is provided are all important parts of the trade show.