Why Water is So Important to Our Bodies


Water conductivity units

It’s so easy to take clean water for granted living in America. We don’t tend to think about the dangers of unsanitary water. But, thank goodness someone does. Because even here in a first world country, if the waters were not purified and sanitized through the use of water electrical resistivity monitors and filtering machines, we would be in the same situation as other countries with diseases and ailments rampaging through the country. Water in general is so important for our bodies to intake that’s why the use of water quality kits and water testing kits come in so handy. They are used to ensure that the water we are digesting is suitable and helpful to our bodies instead of the opposite. Here are just a few reasons why we need to drink water.

Our Bodies Use it Up
Our bodies use water in so many different ways. It’s more than just in urination and perspiration. The water that is flowing around our bodies helps to cushion our joints and provide lubrication for movement. It always protects and feeds our brains, spinal cords and other bodily tissues. Temperature regulation and waste removal both use water as well. Because of all of these use, we need to replenish the water that is released on a daily basis. When you consider that your body is over half water, your brain is 70 percent water and lungs are almost completely water, you can see the importance of replacing that water in order to allow your body to continue functioning normally. If we didn’t have water electrical resistivity kits to restore the pH of our drinking waters as well as filters and purification systems, the contamination in the water would get to all of those parts of the body, causing us to get sick.

We Need it More Than Food
For some reason, we feel the effects of lack of food more so than we do lack of water but the truth is, we actually need the water more than the food. You can live without eating for more than a month at a time if you had to, but you could not live more than one week without a drink of water. Dehydration is more than just a parched mouth. The lack of water in our system forces the heart to pump in over time, trying to push a reduced amount of blood around your body. Dehydration starts with dizziness, irritation and headaches and then progresses to a sense of being uncoordinated and exhausted. From there you could begin to lose your eyesight and feel nauseous and start to . Eventually you will end up in a coma and if you still do not receive water, it will lead to death. Now hopefully you are beginning to see the importance of water electrical resistivity monitors, purifiers, filters and septic tanks.

Helps to Fight Off Illness
This one will show just how crucial the different methods of water cleanliness are like using water electrical resistivity kits, etc. Water is apart of your immune system. Without it, your immune system would drop and you would start to get sick a lot easier. If the water you are drinking is not clean, not only would it not protect your immune system but it would actually be the reason you were getting sick so it would double harm you. Getting enough clean water is crucial to staying healthy and on top of our well being.

Water goes through many different water quality indicators in order to make sure that the water is drinkable and safe. This is why the water in third world countries has become contaminated- they don’t have the resources in order to test the waters but the locals drink it anyway out of desperation. Thankfully there are charities and organizations dedicated to clean water wells in these developing countries because they understand the imperative nature of having good water to drink. It can literally save an entire generation if they are able to drink from a clean water well instead of the public waters which are really much more like sewers, full of disease and contamination and waste. We could all do our part to help these charities.