Komatsu remanufactured long blocks

When dealing with heavy equipment and machinery, you are going to want to make sure that you have everything in order, from the correct machines in place down to the proper documentation and safety certifications of those operating them. Passersby on the street may not always realize it, but there is quite a bit of thought and effort that goes into making a successful and smoothly operating construction site. And there are many heavy equipment components that make a well-oiled machine work the way that it is supposed to.

Keeping up to date on heavy equipment servicing
Unless you are familiar with the machinery used in the heavy duty projects of building and construction sites, it is hard to imagine all of the heavy equipment parts that must be monitored, serviced, and maintained. Keeping a close watch on things like heavy equipment oil coolers is essential in getting the most out of the enormous and expensive machines that do all the major lifting and moving, without which the large scale projects would come to a crawl or even a grinding halt. Many different types of heavy duty construction equipment have life expectancies of about 15 years, but that is only if they are properly handled and maintained.

Managing heavy equipment oil coolers is just one aspect of many
While heavy equipment oil coolers and radiators are important aspects of maintaining the functionality of the big machines, there are so many other parts which need to be monitored as well, not to mention the safety training that comes into play when working with such potentially dangerous equipment. Proper training is a huge must for such expensive machinery, as user error is not covered by any warranty, and yet can account for more than 35% of equipment failure. But power failures can come from any number of sources. Of fluid power failures, around 75% is due to issues with contamination, which can be prevented with the help of hydraulic filters.

Know your limits… and your machines
It may sound like an obvious and unnecessary piece of advice, but it can be surprising how many people underestimate the importance of thorough training and a deep respect for the strength and power of the machines and materials they are working with. Yes, it is wonderful be taught that we can do anything we put our minds to, and that is true, but in many cases, that can only be accomplished with proper training. By all means, put your mind to moving mountains, or in this case, heavy construction equipment and materials. But knowing that the power to eventually be able to accomplish it is different from jumping in without any know-how. Educate yourself first, and then jump in confidently!

Construction sites have rigid rules for a reason. Tempt the fates just once by being too cool for your hard hat or jumping into a new machine without the training, and you could very well pay a price you are not prepared to pay. Follow the necessary guidelines, checks, maintenance and servicing rules, and you should be moving and building structures like it’s nothing.