Could Your Company’s Hiring Practices Be Better?


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Does your company struggle with staffing? Perhaps you have a hard time with retention or maybe you are just going through a restructure and need to find an executive but aren’t sure where to turn. Whatever your staffing situation might be, you aren’t alone. Companies all across America are trying to improve retention and hiring practices across the board. Here are some things to remember when you face these things in your own company:

1. Retention – Nearly 60% of U.S. organizations currently view employee retention as a problem. Finding a great candidate to hire is difficult enough, but it seems as though keeping that employee is an even greater challenge. There are dozens of reasons that employees choose to leave; some leave because they are bored, others leave because they realize that there is no room to grow. Hiring a human resource consultant can assist you in finding ways to improve your hiring process so that you can make sure the candidates you bring in, will stay.

2. Training – Whether you are conducting an hr executive search or just posting positions for line level employees, one thing is necessary for all of them: a proper training program. Studies show that new hires that are given a structured training/onboarding program are 58% more likely to be with the company for more than three years. If you are working with a talent acquisition management service and aren’t confident in your current training program, you might want to ask for their advice.

3. Employee Involvement – Did you know that nearly 90% of companies that utilize employee recognition programs cite an increase in overall worker happiness? These types of programs can involve things like wellness, employee of the month awards, and sales recognition. The point of programs like this are to make sure your employees know that you are recognizing their hard work. If you have a successful program already in place be sure to mention it during the interview process for your hr executive search.

If your company is struggling with hiring the right employees, or retaining the ones that you already have, you may want to consider working with a human resources consultant to refine your processes. They will help you focus on retention, training, and employee involvement which all contribute to better work environments altogether.