Why Use Stone to Build and Decorate?


Engineered stone for sale

Why should you decorate with stone? Maybe you?ve seen stone for sale somewhere and wondered what to do with it. Whether it?s architectural stone or natural stone slabs, that stone for sale has a lot of possible uses.

The History of Stone Use

Ceramic slabs, engineered stone, and natural stone have been used for millennia. It has been an integral part of art and architecture since ancient Egyptian, Indian, and Mesopotamian times. It has long been valued for its durability and beauty. The earliest use of ceramic tiles, for example, some from 14,000 BC. Even today, the National Association of Home Builders reports that marble flooring can last 100 years if properly maintained. Early humans recognized this important aspect of stone use for architecture and art.

The Ecology of Stone Use

One reason you can now find stone for sale everywhere is the important part in plays in sustainability. Stone has a natural look that increases awareness of the environment, and its durability means that it is easy on the environment because it doesn?t need frequent replacement. Using architectural stone and tile can even be a smart business move. In 2017, Unilever found that 33% of consumers will actively prefer brands that support social causes or environmental ones. That same study found that there is a potential $1 trillion market for brands and companies that can find an effective way to communicate that they care about sustainability. When it comes to hotels, for example, stone use in a lobby not only looks good and lasts, but communicates eco-friendliness to travelers, 81% of whom think it?s important for properties to have eco-friendly practices.

The Variety of Stone

There is an amazing variety to the different types of stone for sale. It comes in a huge variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Some stones are brilliant white, while others have colorful patterns. Stone can be sourced that will match nearly any decor project that a person can imagine. Its visual interest is appealing, relaxing, and enticing. Stone is also unique. No two patterns will ever be identical when you use real stone.

The Affordability of Stone

It used to be that stone was a very expensive material to use in decorating or construction. That?s no longer the case, as improved quarrying techniques and new processing technology has greatly increased affordability. Stone can be cut far more thinly now than in the past, as well, and new developments in anchoring systems allows it to be installed more quickly and securely.

The Aging of Stone

One of the final and best benefits of stone is that it ages wonderfully. It?s almost impossible to ruin by accident, and a little bit of care and maintenance will keep stone beautiful for a lifetime. It never decays, and as it ages it only looks better and better.

Stone is one of the best construction materials anyone can choose. It is unique, stable, beautiful, and wonderfully durable. The next time you see stone for sale, have a look and consider how you might be beautiful your home and upgrade your life through the use of stone.