Why Should You Be Using Cable Seals?


When it comes to securing your cables and ensuring they work in harsh environments, cable seals are exactly what you need to get the job done right the first time. But what are cable seals and why are they even important? Here are three key benefits of using cable seals that you need to know about.

Limit Electrical Problems

When you use hermetic electrical feedthroughs for sealed fiber optics, you’re ensuring that there are no electrical problems lurking in your future. Custom hermetic seals for your cables provide excellent electrical performance while eliminating common electrical problems that unsealed cables might face. When you need excellent response time and high-functioning cables, seals can help deliver the reliability you need without unwarranted interruptions.

Save More Space

Working with bulkhead connectors might be a great way to ensure the security of your cables, but hermetic seals are going to offer a lot more to you in terms of space efficiency. In fact, using hermetic connectors can almost double the number of conductors for an opening in any given chamber. When you use hermetic feedthroughs, you’re guaranteed that numerous cables can fit into a single feedthrough. In addition, any protruding elements are eliminated with a hermetic seal design for your cables. All in all, you’ll be saving on space without risking any kind of faltering in performance.

Extend Cable Life

If you work with cables on a regular basis, then you know that extending cable life is incredibly important. If you’re struggling to extend the life of your cables, hermetic seals can help. A hermetic seal can help reduce overall wear and tear on your cables, therefore increasing their lifespan. That means fewer unnecessary repairs and replacement part purchases. All in all, you’ll likely save a decent bit of money when you invest in cable seals for your equipment. For engineers and other professionals who work with cables on a regular basis, hermetic seals are a lifesaver.

When you work with cables all the time, looking for ways to improve their performance and extend their life can feel like an impossible challenge. Fortunately, hermetic seals can help you do exactly that without all the hassle.