What to look for when choosing a specialty metal supplier


Metal structures have helped the construction industry come such a long way over the years. Back when construction framing was done using mostly wood, buildings would go up in flames like roman candles. Metal like astm a666, aluminum copper and brass, is durable, fireproof, and can be shaped into practically any form for whatever task you have at hand which is why it is now used for almost everything in construction. There are changes in place for other wood products as well, cedar shake roofing, for example, now you must replace your old cedar roof with metal or shingles before an insurance company will even cover you. Metalworkers are gaining momentum and working non-stop as cities grow and the housing market is booming. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects, the metal fabrication industry is set to grow by 9% from 2016 to 2026. When looking for a metal supplier for your next project look for these general guidelines and you will not be left disappointed.

Look for a company that specializes in a variety of different metals for multiple purposes. Some companies specialize in thin sheet metal while others work with astm a666, thin aluminum strips, combined metals, and more. The more knowledge your metal company has the better they can serve you in the job that you have to complete. Many metals are used for specific purposes and only the most knowledgeable companies will be able to inform you of such things. Many metal suppliers will have basic knowledge of scrap metal, recycled metal, and stainless steel, but if you are seeking something particular it is a good idea to shop around.

Look for reviews and recommendations online and from word of mouth. The best way to find the best metal supplier is to find someone who has already used them for their projects. There are reviews for practically everything online so many companies will try to give you the best customer service so that you won’t bad mouth them around town or on their business website on google. That and some companies will just naturally have better customer service, easier to get along with employees, and superior products. You will want to find the highest-quality metals, not cheap versions of astm a666, sheet metal, and aluminum. You won’t know what you’re getting into by simply looking at the product you will want to see it in person and hear from others what they thought.

Go with the company that has the longest history. Clearly, if a company has been around for decades they know what they are doing. Look for a lengthy history and you definitely have a winner. New companies are not always bad, but experience trumps price on any given day. Look for all of these qualities and you will have no issues with your metal supplier.