The simplicity of third party Borescope and NDE Inspections


If you own a business that has generators working around the clock you need to complete generator inspection proper maintenance to pass inspection and continue to operate. Turbine inspection can only be completed using the proper equipment. This is where boroscopes come into play. Borescopes are a specialized tool that is made up of a flexible tube holding a camera, these can assist in the inspection of turbines in the spots that are hard to see. If you would much rather stick a camera into the turbines to find issues rather than take the turbine apart completely, a borescope can easily detect issues. There are a vast number of companies looking to provide you with this service and these tips will help you find the right one for you.

When looking for the best turbine inspection services look for the ones who have the latest in technology. There are a number of scopes made available these days and the higher quality products will detect even the most minute particles. Salt particles can create irreversible damage to turbines. Once salt particles attach themselves to turbine blades, they can attract more particles, like dirt, dust, and other fine air debris. This can decrease the turbine’s power output by up to 15% creating more work for much less output.

Natural gas turbines have been working non-stop around the globe and the US has been one of the largest producers in the last few years. The turbines have been working non-stop to provide natural gas so treat them to proper cleaning and inspection when needed. Always seek turbine support services that have vast knowledge on the subject. You don’t hire a veterinarian to give your family checkups just because they are also considered doctors. So don’t hire inspection services that don’t specialize in generator inspection. Borescope inspections are done by professionals that know their field.

When the time comes to hire an inspection service look for a long-lasting, certified company with a golden reputation to ensure the job gets done right. Borescope training is given to professionals in the field not just your basic employee with a clipboard, so when seeking the best you have to choose boroscope generator inspections.