The Average Keyboard, Mouse And Desktop Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat Commercial Cleaning Service


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A clean environment is a safe environment. While many associate cleaning services with a polished surface appearance (which is, indeed, important on many levels), the additional benefits run much deeper. Indoor air pollution is scientifically proven to be more hazardous than outdoor air pollution. It contributes to more sick days taken by employees, viruses spread during flu season and even the onset of certain forms of cancer. The benefits of green cleaning services are more needed than ever and the tips for hiring a cleaning service are written below to help you learn more about how to get started.

It’s not enough to hire any janitorial service. A green cleaning service puts an emphasis on healthy cleaning products to make sure that further damage isn’t being done in the name of a safe environment. There are over 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use. Despite this, only 30% have been actively tested for human exposure. This means that even a benign cleaning session could have unseen long-term consequences for customers and employees.

General surface appearance is important for businesses who rely on strong first impressions to maintain their brand’s reputation. Over 80% of respondents to a recent survey said they would refuse to exercise in a gym if they found it to have cleanliness issues. Another 70% said they would not return to an exercise facility if they kept encountering unpleasant odors or grime. Although the majority of health club members believe their club is nice and clean, it’s important to deliver on this assumption on a regular basis.

People who work inside constantly are regularly exposed to unseen hazards. Thanks to harmful chemical-based cleaning products, indoor air pollution levels can be 100 times worse than outdoor air pollution levels. Over 70% of workers believe their dirty office spaces have actively made them sick in the past. Despite this, the National Association Of Professional Organizations have found businesses believing paper clutter to be one of the most immediate problems.

The average cell phone, desk and keyboard has more germs than even a toilet seat or pet’s food bowl. This is due to the fact these are frequently used items that rarely get cleaned in-between shifts. It’s thought one in 10 people never clean their keyboard, while another 20% never clean their mouse off once in a while. The common cold and the flu virus can be easily transferred through these objects or through unwashed door handles, leading to constant sick days that could have been prevented.

One of the best tips for hiring a cleaning service is choosing a good schedule. The majority of cleaning agencies will work second or third shifts because buildings are often cleaned when there’s nobody present. This makes their job much easier, while giving both employees and customers something to look forward to when they return. Office cleaning services can be hired any time of the year, but it’s highly recommended you make a habit out of requesting their services.

Even the best tips for hiring a cleaning service won’t do much until you get into the pattern of regularly cleaning out your business, institution or facility. Unchecked bacteria and grime makes workers sick, turns away customers and cultivates a hazardous indoor environment that only gets worse the longer it’s neglected. Let green cleaning services offer you a solution that will have you, and everyone else, feeling better for weeks to come.