The Power Of Digital Signs And Why They’re Becoming The Most Preferred Option In America


School electronic signs

What makes a sign stand out? Likewise, what makes a sign fall into obscurity or fail to get across its meaning? Many businessowners, managers and entrepreneurs ask themselves this questions multiple times per year. While it can seem as simple as putting up your name with a decent graphic, the fact of the matter is a good sign is the first real impression anyone will get of your institution, educational establishment or brand. Failing to meet this major hurdle can potentially put you in the spot of covering up lost ground…and that’s before we get into the fact many customers can’t even find businesses without the sign.

From signs for government to a classic church marquee, every sign needs to follow a few basic steps if it’s to reach its intended purpose.

Help Your Customers Get Around

A sign can be a wonderful way of giving your customers some convenience before they’ve even walked through your front door. With so many advertisements battling for attention, yours needs to find a way to stick out amid the fray. Studies have shown a surprising 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a busineses whatsoever without the sign. Another study, specifically for Best Buy, saw 18% of walk-in customers deciding to visit because they saw a sign nearby.

Make sure your sign is large, well-crafted and put somewhere people can easily see.

Catch The Attention Of New Visitors

Your sign can remind repeat visitors where you are as well as invite some new faces. Around 85% of a business’ customers will either live or work within a five-mile radius of its location, so building a local community is a great way to ensure a longer lifespan for your brand. Studies have also shown that either adding or changing your sign can directly improve its sales revenue by nearly 8%. How does this all add up over the months?

A good sign (doesn’t matter if it’s signs for government or a school sign board) should have a smart location, be easy to read and remain welcoming to newcomers and old friends alike.

Save Yourself Money Throughout The Year

Did you know you can save money even as you spend it? It’s true. A school marquee, signs for government or even flashy LED signs can rake in more dollars while spending less. A fascinating study revealed the value of an on-site sign is the same as 24 full-page newspaper advertisements. Not only that, it’s guaranteed to remain a constant image in many people’s minds as they walk or drive by. Compare this to a newspaper, which gets thrown out and forgotten within days.

Every dollar you spend should be put toward saving a dollar in the future.

Rely On Old Design Techniques With New Technology

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? The reason school LED signs and digital signs for business are doing so well is because they combine a traditional approach with modern flourishes. The year 2019 is expected to see a dazzling 53% penetration in the global lighting market, making this one trend you don’t want to forget. As long as you put your sign somewhere it’s readily accessible and make sure to keep it large and easy-to-read, you can’t go wrong.

Which signs should you be using?

Find The Best Sign For Your Needs

Signs for government need to be simple and to the point. Signs for boutiques need to display some of the artistry that customers can expect when they walk through the front door. LED business signs need to look fun, inviting and like they have something great to share with new arrivals and repeat visitors alike. All in all, you need to make a sign that fits your needs directly. Yet more digital LED business signs are rising to the top as superior options for their elegance and panache, so consider an outdoor LED display when you’re ready to renovate.

It may just be the sign you’re looking for.