Reasons to Use a Job Placement Agency to Hire New Employees


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Is your company looking to hire and expand its team? The task can be a large one, depending on how many people you are hiring and what experience you have hiring in the past. Either way, it?s not worth your time, money, or energy trying to hire employees on your own. You can spend your valuable time elsewhere doing what you?re good at. Instead, your company needs to find a job placement agency that can get the job done quickly and efficiently for your company.

Interested in learning more about employment agencies and how they work? Keep reading to find out why using a job placement energy saves your company money and time in comparison to trying to hire on your own.

Reasons You Shouldn?t Try to Hire on Your Own

If your company is looking to hire, this can take a long time and require a lot of work from everyone involved. Even if you sent out the job descriptions, gather the applicants, go through them all, select a few to interview, and eventually hire one, that doesn?t mean you?ve done the job right. At the end of the day, you?re still preoccupied with doing your own job and having some semblance of a life outside of work.

When someone or a team of employees inside the company try to handle the hiring process, it can result in needing to do the process over and over again until it?s done right. In fact, when it comes to employee retention and having a problem with it, around 57% of organizations admit this is an issue. That means, all your hard work hiring could not even pay off and am employee could leave soon after being hired. 45 days after you hire a new employee, there is roughly a 22% chance they will leave their employment. There’s no guarantee that your hard work will pay off with a solid employee who sticks around for the long haul.

Additionally, employee turnover can be so detrimental that is results in financial losses. Every year, there is around $11 billion lost in total due to this problem. All-in-all, whenever there is employee turnover, an individual company could be at a loss of the total cost of that employee?s salary.

There?s no reason to waste anyone?s money or time like that. Instead, more effort should be placed in trying to find a job placement agency that can focus solely on finding your company the employees it needs to succeed.

Why You Should Use a Job Placement Agency

Job placement agencies are solely dedicated to finding
companies the employees that match their needs. They dedicate all their energy and resources to pairing candidates with companies that work well together.

You may wonder if they are ever at a shortage of candidates that need placed in a job. When you think about how many people there are in the United States, it becomes evident that there are always people searching for jobs. That explains why staffing companies in the United States are able to place 3 million temporary and contract candidates into jobs every single week.

By hiring employees as temporary or contract, that gives your company the opportunity to feel out the candidate, as well. Before you fully invest your resources, time, and money into an employee, you can gauge whether or not the candidate works well with your company and the job they are given. This will save you money in the long run and help you establish more efficient systems for testing out, training, and hiring candidates as full-time employees at your company. You won’t ever look back from using a job placement agency and turning toward temporary and contract positions to help you find just the right employees for the job at hand.

Has your company ever used a job agency to hire employees? Has your company ever tried to hire new employees on its own without the help of a job placement agency? Let us know in the comments how the two experiences varied for your company.