Help The Environment, Fix Your Taxes And Help Those In Need Charitable Clothing Donations


Donations that pick up at home

Are you wondering about when to donate clothes? You’re in the right place! It’s always a good time to rummage through your closet and pick out unused and unwanted clothing articles, as charity organizations are always looking for wares to pad out their shelves and help people in need. Charitable donation doesn’t end at clothes, either, and that old coffee maker or radio could see a new home. Donating clothing to charity, on top of furniture and unwanted knick-knacks, can even leave a mark on your tax write-off! Why don’t we take a look at all the benefits of charitable donations, different methods of donation and when to donate clothes depending on where you live.

Clean The Environment And Your Conscience

Let’s start off with the environmental benefits. Did you know the year 2006 saw nearly three billion pounds of fabric kept from landfills thanks to used clothing purchases? Functional and helpful! Landfills leave a significant dent on the environment and can even impact the air we breathe, meaning less really is more in the grand scheme of things. Due to the difficulty of certain substances to erode and vanish naturally over time, like synthetic materials, recycling is quickly rising to the forefront of the American mindset. Americans still send nearly 11 million tons of clothing to landfills every year, meaning that ill-fitting t-shirt of yours could go further than you thought!

Get A Little, Give A Little

Textiles are an incredibly flexible and useful substance, able to be recycled multiple times with little change in quality or appearance. Americans recycle or donate only 15% of their used clothing on average, when almost 100% of household textiles and clothing can be put back into the economy with no trouble at all. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in six months or more, general wisdom dictates it’s time to give it a new home! When it comes to additional benefits of donating clothing, consider when to donate clothes during the flurry that is your average tax season.

No Clothes? No Problem!

Not sure when to donate clothes because you simply don’t have any to give away? Consider yourself lucky! Charitable donations not only offer clothes, but various furniture and knick-knacks to better help those struggling with their budget. A coffee maker, for example, can be worth anywhere from $4 to $15 as a tax write-off. Any charitable donation worth more than $250 will require a receipt, though, so keep them in a safe place! If you find yourself wanting to replace an old sofa or no longer want your side table, green charities exist in plentiful supply to take them off your hands.

It’s Always A Good Day To Help Those In Need

Assisting the environment, clearing up your taxes and cultivating a tidier home or apartment is all well and good. In the end, though, it’s all about helping those who need it most. It’s easy to take for granted what you use every day, meaning even a simple sweater or nice silverware set can become a real treasure to those struggling financially. The average American will buy at least twice as many pieces of clothing as they did 20 years ago, so rest assured your donation will fall into the right hands sooner rather than later. Many charitable donations offer free pick-up services, to boot, meaning your donation is as quick as a simple call. It’s time to revamp the term ‘spring cleaning’ — it’s always a good time to recycle your used items!