Pop Ups Three Reasons Why Mobile Spaces Are Utilized


Climate controlled containers

In this day and age, people rarely want to make a permanent change to any particular property. They just don’t know whether or not it will be worth investing the time and money in setting up a rental building that may only become home to a failing business. For that matter, many people aren’t even willing to buy buildings outright because they’re too concerned about having to move or close their business. This is why pop up shops have become so popular in recent years. They don’t require a permanent commitment on the part of business owners, and have the added benefit of being “limited” — that makes customers more likely to jump at the chance to buy things. In this day and age, many mobile offices, as well as other mobile spaces like portable concession stands, are shipped with the help of storage containers. Some are even made, in part, from recycled used shipping containers. Storage containers ensure that these spaces are transferred in a quick, safe way. Not only do clients depend on these mobile spaces being delivered quickly — they also need to arrive ready to go, which is why many of these containers are now climate controlled and outfitted to be as safe as possible. Still, it’s vital that the right company is used — each year, about 675 shipping containers are lost at sea. With all that being said, let’s look into some of the different mobile spaces that are shipped out on a regular basis.

Portable Concession Stands

If you’ve ever been to a concession stand, you might not immediately think about the idea of it being portable. At the same time, it doesn’t do much good for a concession stand to be immobile. Concession stands are only used at a limited number of events for a short amount of time; people don’t want to build a permanent concession stand, for example, around a high school football field. At the same time, not having a concession stand at all would really be a wasted opportunity. Enter portable concession stands. While portable concession stands may not be able to serve the same range of hot foods as a typical concession stand, they remain extremely useful in that they can be set up in a short amount of time and easily broken down. While some schools, for example, choose to rent portable concession stands, others choose to buy them outright and set them up whenever necessary. There are plenty of different options available.

Mobile Office Spaces

Did you know that the size of the typical workspace is shrinking? In 1992, the average work space was 80 square feet, while today the average workspace is 39 square feet. People are becoming more efficient and able to work in small spaces. This is part of why mobile office spaces have became more popular in recent years. For one thing, you often don’t have to sacrifice much if any space when using a mobile office; many are the size of a regular office, or not much smaller. For another, they’re cheaper than adding on a new office, and certainly function in the same capacity. A mobile office space means that you can hire the amount of employees you need, when you need to hire them, rather than waiting for new offices to be added to a building. It’s easy to have mobile offices shipped where they need to be; after all, 95% of the world’s cargo moves by ship. Shipping in this manner also decreases costs.

Pop Up Shops

As we mentioned earlier, pop up shops are growing in popularity. While some pop up shops “pop up” in pre-existing buildings, others work out of mobile spaces, at least at first. An initial pop up shop run can give a potential business owner a good idea of whether or not their potential venture will actually succeed. Other times, business owners find that they get the most bang for their buck by operating as a pop up shop.