Designing the Ideal Mobile Work Space


Office in container

There are around 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 million of these in use. This means that approximately 11 million shipping containers are currently unused and could be converted into homes or office for people. The mobile shipping container office is trending with small and self owned businesses. Even some medium to large sizes corporations are learning of the benefits of steel cargo containers as mobile offices. If you are considering moving to a mobile office, the following shipping container modifications can make your mobile office comfortable and as efficient as possible.

Although steel cargo containers make great cost affordable mobile offices, they usually come with little, if any, windows. Some amount of natural sunlight is ideal for an office setting. It prevents employees from feeling like they are cooped up. They are also likely to take fewer breaks when they are able to see outdoors from their desk. Adding windows and sun lights to the mobile steel cargo containers lets in sunlight and makes the place feel more like an office setting.

Climate control
Just as you would with a traditional office setting, the portable office will also need to be equipped with some type of climate control. The specific climate control that is needed will depend on where the steel cargo container mobile office will be placed. If the main office location is in warmer weather, a central air unit should be installed. If the location experienced cold winters, a furnace or heating element should be added. It can also be helpful to install things like wall fans and window air conditioning units for further employee comfort.

Most types of businesses require some sort of storage. The exact amount of space that is needed for storage will depend on the business?s specific needs and the types of items that will be stored in the container. If many items require storage, it may be beneficial to use a larger shipping container, such as 40 foot shipping containers. Shipping containers for sale have the ability to hold a lot of inventory. A standard TEU container, for example, can hold around 3,500 shoe boxes, and a 40 foot high cube can hold more than 8,000 shoe boxes.

Office layout
An office container for sale can make a very efficient office, if designed properly. If the space is used properly, the office can provide sufficient space for employees, managers, and storage. Depending on the size of the storage container, there may even be room for things like an employee break room, additional storage space, and an entrance lobby. Consider how many desks you want to comfortably fit into the space before beginning the design, as the desk spaces should be fit in first, to ensure you will have enough space.

Food capabilities
Depending on the amount of employees in the mobile office, you may want to have your steel cargo container to be food accessible. This means adding in a kitchen, microwave, fridge, and an employee break room. This may also be important for businesses who will offer food to guests. The addition of a kitchen area with food capabilities may require additional planning, but can add a great amount of value to the mobile office.

Safety features
You would not design a traditional office without safety features. The same safety features should be put into the office. Safety features prevent people from breaking in and stealing items in the office. It also allows employees to lock the doors when they feel unsafe. If shipping containers are taken care of with regular maintenance, they can last for a total of 20 years, according to Container Auction. Safety features can extend the life of the shipping container and get you more out of your investment.

Steel cargo containers make efficient mobile offices. If you have decided to turn a used shipping container into a mobile office, consider the necessary amenities for optimal comfort. You will want the portable office to be safe, secure, comfortable, private, and motivational. Work with a design professional to create the ideal work space for you and your employees.