Most Workers Are Afraid Of Catching A Virus On The Job Why You Should Use Cleaning Services


Benefits of green cleaning

How clean do you keep your office, institution or social space? If you haven’t used advanced cleaning services in the past six months, you may just be putting the people inside at risk for disease and airborne illness. Advanced cleaning services that use microfiber cleaning technology and general glean cleaning techniques are one of the most useful mundane resources you can hire throughout the year. Not only do they create a more welcoming and enjoyable environment for worker and customer, they reduce the risk of common illnesses and keep everyone safe and healthy. Let’s take a look at the advantages of hiring a janitorial service and why it will help you save money in the long run.

How Common Are Airborne Contaminants?

Did you know that indoor spaces are often more polluted than outdoor spaces? This is primarily due in part to the fact indoor spaces have poor circulation and regularly accumulate dust, pollen, allergens and bacteria from repeated activity and use. Studies have shown almost 3% of all global burden of disease is actually due to indoor air pollution, making advanced cleaning services one of the most regularly sought after skills in many industries.

What Are Commonly Contaminated Items?

Some items become easily contaminated from repeated usage, making it imperative they’re cleaned on a regular basis as not to spread disease to customers or other workers. Nearly one-third of respondents to a recent survey believe their keyboard and phone are the dirtiest items in the office — despite this, less than 10% actually clean these items frequently. A dirty desk has been found to harbor 400 times more bacteria than even a toilet seat and additional items such as keyboards and phone lines are regular hazards.

What Are Additional Issues Concerning Cleanliness?

Not only does a clean environment feel better, it looks better. An overwhelming majority of health club members at 85% perceive their club to be clean, with nearly 73% of adults refusing to exercise in gyms with unpleasant odors or poor appearances. According to a study by Harris Interactive, a whopping 90% of adults wouldn’t even consider exercising in a gym or athletic facility if it had cleanliness issues. Customers who feel their health club is clean and regularly maintained are more likely to renew their membership, to boot.

What Are Green Cleaning Services?

There are understandable concerns revolving around the nature of common cleaning products. Since the indoor environment is anywhere from two to five times more toxic than the outdoor environment, it stands to reason you won’t want to add to that with subpar or harmful cleaning products — some can even increase indoor air pollution levels by 100 times, according to U.S. EPA estimates. Green cleaning services place great emphasis on safe and simple ingredients with powerful results, avoiding chemicals known to cause allergies, cancers or skin conditions.

How Often Should I Use Advanced Cleaning Services?

When nearly 100% of workers are concerned with catching a virus at work (leading to sick days, missed work opportunities and lost money), it’s essential you become well-acquainted with advanced cleaning services. Office cleaning services can be done early in the day or after workers’ shift so as not to be obtrusive, while the benefits of green cleaning can be felt in the healthier work environment as well as outside environment. This should be done on a regular basis, at least once every few months, though this can change depending on the nature of your establishment and the frequency in which people visit. Advanced cleaning services used well are the gift that keeps on giving.