Are You Considering Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Home or Business?


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You finally had to confess.
Every time that your friends come over they are amazed at how clean your house is. In fact, your friends say that no matter what time of the day they come to your house it always looks great. Even when they come unannounced, they marvel at how the place is picked up, organized, and nearly spotless. Your friends are always curious how you can possibly be at all of your daughters’ school events, make it to all of the meetings at both school and church, and still keep your house up. Your friends also know that you substitute teach quite often, and have a few writing students who you tutor.
After months, heck, years, of hearing these questions and comments you finally make your confession. Your friends seem shocked, but then relieved, when you tell them that for the last two years you have been having a professional cleaning service come to your home. They are part of the same crew that cleans your husband’s office, and one of the cleaning crew members indicated that both and his wife would like the opportunity to make a little extra money. Ever since that conversation, and after the owner of the professional cleaning service said that it was alright, the couple have been coming to your home once every two or three weeks.
The schedule is not set in stone and you have been pretty flexible. The cleaning is consistent enough though that you really do feel good about your house. You always do a pretty serious job of picking up before the cleaning crew comes, and having a really clean house every few weeks motivates you to stay on top of things in between the professional cleaning service visits.
What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company?
Impressing your friends is not really the reason that most people decide to hire a cleaning company for their home, but it is an added benefit.
Whether you are contracting a professional cleaning service for your home or hiring a janitorial service for your office, you will easily find many benefits. For one, keeping both a house and an office clean can make both environments more healthy. Did you know, for instance, that a typical desk has up to 10 million bacteria. This may not be surprising if you realize that 27% of Americans eat breakfast at their desk; 62% eat lunch at their desk; and 50% of people snack at their desk. All of this food and all of this bacteria can be unhealthy indeed if someone is not carefully cleaning.
Likewise, homes that are not carefully cleaned can serve as breeding grounds for many bacteria and viruses. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that some where between 5% and 20% of all Americans contract the flu every single year. Alarmingly, as many as 80% of all infections are spread through the environment by hand contact with contaminated surfaces, as well as through direct human contact. In the busy lives of most home and business owners, getting things cleaned enough does not always happen.
Another benefit of hiring a cleaning company is that these services often add to the value of your property. The decision to hire a cleaning company can make everyone in a family, for instance, pay more attention to picking up in between the times the cleaning services come. Let’s face it. It is nice to have a clean house, and many of the families who pay for cleaning like the feel of a freshly cleaned home and often spend more efforts keeping things that way. A clean home is easier to maintain, and home owners are even more likely to fix any problems that occur.
Consider these other facts and figures about the cleaning industry:

  • Most cleaning agencies work either the second or third shift because buildings are typically cleaned when no one is present.
  • Sick days cost businesses as much as $225 billion each year and, as a result, a 54% loss in productivity.
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  • In the workplaces where telephones are still used by multiple employees, these office phones can harbor more than 25,000 germs for every square inch.