Marketing Services for Your Tax Office


If you want to double down on your marketing services for cpas within your industry, you are going to have two options. The first is by organic google search traffic and the second is by paid Google traffic. Organic traffic is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Google traffic is known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is a great way to enhance your marketing services for cpas. This means that when people search, you are organically showing up in the results.

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This is great because you do not have to pay to get those impressions and reach that many people.

The downside to SEO is that it still can be a timely process if you’re just starting out. It will also mean you will need to pay someone who does know how to do SEO and follow the best practices for SEO. It can be very easy to be penalized by Google and other search engines if you abuse certain SEO tactics.

Paid traffic is also a great way to enhance your marketing services for cpas. This paid traffic means that as soon as you start giving google your money, you will start ranking in the sponsored top results of a google search. Depending on how competitive your industry is, is how you will be charged for your “pay-per-click.” While this does provide a very fast “solution”, the second you stop spending money, you will no longer be getting the same reach as before.