How To Find Overseas Manufacturing For Your Product


The key to getting your product in front of your customers may be overseas manufacturing. Did you know that China was responsible for 28.7% of global manufacturing in 2019? There’s a good reason for that! Products that are made in China are often high quality and are made for pennies compared to manufacturing in the United States.

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You should know that it can take up to a year to get a brand new product on the shelves. Since time is money, that can be a tough pill to swallow.

It’s extremely important to vet any manufacturer you’re interested in working with. Since it could take so long to get your product on the market, you don’t want to add to that time by working with the wrong manufacturer. An important part of the vetting process is paying attention to any red flags. If your gut is telling you to run, start running. If you want, you should set up a video call to see their manufacturing floor. If they tell you no, or they keep delaying your meeting, consider that a red flag. You’re trusting your entire business with these manufacturers. You need to know that you’re dealing with high-quality people who will create a high-quality product.