Jersey City Residents are Upset With Amount of Street Sweeping


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Too much street sweeping is actually causing problems.

Jersey City’s road sweeping services are being utilized too much and it’s beginning to cause some issues.

Working with private street sweeping companies has much more benefits than cities who don’t take everything into account.

Jersey City is sweeping their streets four times a week and it’s leading to drivers receiving parking tickets of about $50.

“I’ve owned a car in a couple of different places, Chicago and Washington, D.C., and I have never seen the streets swept as frequently as they are in Jersey City,” Stepleton, who lives downtown, said. “Given the way I’ve seen people get tickets, it’s hard to get away from thinking it’s just a revenue scheme.”

In 2015, parking tickets in Jersey City totaled more than $1.6 million.

According to, the road sweeping services and parking lot cleaning services are extremely important, but some aren’t operating correctly. Some street sweeping practices are effective and others are not.

Douglas Buro, the former head of the Public Works Association of New Jersey, said that around “two cubic yards of debris” is picked up a month.

“Oh, your road would look like a mess,” Buro said when asked if there was no road sweeping services. “It could be leftover leaves from the fall, it could be sand from now-plowing, it could be dirt or garbage.”

According to Ranger Kidwell-Ross, executive director at World Sweeping Association, street sweeping is often misunderstood by the public.

Kidwell-Ross went on to say that is all started during the “horse and buggy days with a big, wide roller broom” to at down the debris.

“You should go three to five miles an hour,” Kidwell-Ross added. “Never faster, if you want to do a thorough job.”

He also doesn’t think Jersey City needs to sweep their streets that much. “Sweeping both sides of residential streets twice a week is surprisingly often,” he said. “Little would collect on the street with that brief an interim between sweeps.”

Street sweeper trucks aren’t always the bad guys. The city can over do it and cause problems, but there are smaller companies designed to offer the highest-quality street sweeping services available. Contact the professionals today!