3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business Using Signs


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Business sign manufacturers understand the importance of having a sign outside your store. Without the sign, there is really no way that anyone will know where you are or how to locate you without outdoor business signs. While most people might make use of the Internet before actually venturing out to find a place, having signs for outside businesses makes it a lot easier for potential customers to find you. GPS only works up to a certain point but often it doesn’t pinpoint exactly where the business is, especially if it in within a mall or a row of shops. However, outdoor signs for your business are not the only only things that business sign manufacturers can offer. Here are a few other ways that you can promote your business using signs.

Vehicle Wraps
This is a great way to show off your business. Business sign manufacturers can great either an entire car wrap or maybe just some decals that you can post on your vehicle so that other drivers can see your business. This is great advertising for when you are out and about, to potential consumers that may never go to your side of town. However, you may be selling just what they need and when they see your vehicle, it will convince them to go check it out. Always make sure that the address, phone number and purpose of your business are simple and clear on the wrap. Remember that this is for other drivers so they shouldn’t be paying too much attention to your car unless you are all stopped at a stop light and they likely won’t have anything to write with so they are going to have to commit the information to memory. The cross streets, what you sell and a simple phone number should be the largest portion of your wrap. If you want to include more information, make it a little smaller so the important info stands out. But this way, if you are at a stop light, the people around you have a chance to find out a little more.

Promotional Banners
These are hung typically in your store windows and are only temporary. They offer discounts or sale information in very large and colorful print in order to attract passers by. Percentages off, current running deals or items that have recently gone on sale are all ideas of things that you could put on a promotional banner. The idea is to offer a ‘limited time only’ promotion that makes consumers feel like they have to come in right now otherwise they will miss out on this once in a lifetime deal. Promotional banners should only be up and used for about a week at a time. Any longer and people will start to realize that your promotions are not necessarily time sensitive.

Window Graphics
These are similar to promotional banners in that they go in the window of your store, but they are permanent. Window graphics should offer just enough information to draw people inside but not enough to tell them everything they need to know without coming in. The whole goal of every sign you use is to bring people inside your store. If a sign does not invite someone inside than it has failed at it’s job. Window graphics do not even need to have words, they could be pictures or images related to your business. Pictures have a way of sticking in people’s mind more than words to so if you can find an image that relates to your business, that’s exactly what should be put on your window.

Keep in mind that signs should be used in conjunction with many other types of advertising in order to be affected. Business sign manufacturers can be a great asset but you also have to advertise through online outlets as well as good old fashioned flyers and business cards. All of these things together will put you on the map. But, one method used in and of itself, without anything else may not be enough to inform people about your business or even to invite people to check out your company or business which is the whole goal of advertising.