If You Like Fresh Vegetables, Why Not Grow Your Own?


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People grow plants indoors for a number of reasons – for their beauty, for the freshness they bring to any space, for their air purification abilities. A new reason to grow plants indoors is for food. As the fresh food revolution catches on, people are growing their own vegetables and herbs. It can take some creativity and effort, but the results are well worth it. For the beginner indoor gardener, it’s a good idea invest on some good quality tools and accessories like indoor garden lighting and pruning snips.

The fresh food revolution
Thinking of growing your own food? You are not alone! Growing you own food is an idea whose time has come. As the fresh food revolution wins more and more adherents, people are coming to realize that fresh food has a taste that just can’t be matched by the vegetables that you buy at the grocery store.

As of 2014, more than one third, or 35%, of all households in America were growing food in their own homes or in a community garden. That’s 42 million households, a number that has increased by 17% in five years. Over three fourths, or 76% of all households that were growing their own food included vegetables in their gardens. That’s a 19% increase in vegetable growers since 2008.

What can you grow indoors?
With a little imagination and effort, just about anything. Tomatoes and herbs like rosemary and thyme are the easiest way to begin but you can go on to microgreens, avocado, broccoli, carrots and even potatoes. As more and more people take up their own vegetable gardening, it’s becoming somewhat easier to find the necessary supplies, like pruning snips, base nutrients and indoor garden environmental control.

What will you need?
Your requirements for your home garden will vary according to the kind and amount of space you have available, as well as the plants you choose to grow. Basic supplies like pruning snips and indoor garden lighting systems can make the job that much easier.
For people living in apartments who have limited space, hanging baskets are a good way to grow tomatoes, herbs and micro greens. A window box that gets full sun can accommodate runner beans, and if you have a patio or balcony, you could even grow your own spuds. If you’re short on space, consider using two or four tiered plant stands to hold several plants without taking up too much room.

To get started, it helps to have basic indoor gardening supplies like pruning snips and nutrients for plant health. It will take a little time and imagination to get your indoor garden going, but the results will be worth it. Once you taste your own freshly picked tomatoes or add fresh herbs like basil your salads, you’ll wonder how you managed without for so long.

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