4 Unique Renovation Projects for Used Shipping Containers


Used shipping containers for sale in nj

There are currently millions of shipping containers in existence around the world. To be exact, there are 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 million of these in use. Approximately 11 million shipping containers are currently unused and could be converted into homes for people, or modified into a variety of other unique purposes. New shipping containers for sale are extremely affordable, can easily be renovated with storage container modifications, and have many alternative purposes.

Mobile office

Many industries do work outside of a traditional office setting. Construction workers are often on job sites for many weeks, sometimes months. Business professionals might travel around the country, or even the world, to open up new business locations. Even pastors and other church professionals might travel to areas around the world. Each of these professions could use a type of mobile office to conduct business. Used shipping containers can easily be transformed into a type of mobile office that gives these traveling workers privacy and a home office.

The new shipping containers for sale can be extremely beneficial for those professions that require additional privacy, even without the need for travel. IT professionals, for example, are often tasked with programming extremely confidential information. They might even be required to discuss confidential information over the phone or computer, which can be troublesome in crowded work areas. A mobile office can increase privacy and work productivity. Studies of IT and accounting workings by researchers at the University of California at Irvine found that employees switched their focus from one project to another on an average of every 10.5 minutes. They were also interrupted during more than half of their 10.5 minute project segments.

Pop up shops

With the internet, more and more businesses are running without a physical storefront. You can store your entire inventory in your basement, advertise your products online, and simply ship them to the buyers. However, there are some situations when having a physical location can be beneficial. If you want to attend a festival or large event and sell your product, you will need some type of a storefront. The container pop up shop is the perfect solution. Additionally, you can use these mobile office containers for a storefront outside of your home, without having to allow strangers into your house.

Additional storage capabilities

New shipping containers for sale have a lot of storage potential. Some of the world?s biggest container ships are about 1,300 feet long, that is nearly 400 meters or the distance around an Olympic running track, with a maximum width of 180 feet (55 meters). Most commercial business owners and some homeowners could benefit from additional storage. If you own a business that requires you to store a lot of inventory, it can quickly become overwhelming. Used steel storage containers for sale can make the perfect added storage area. They can be locked for additional security. You can also store them directly outside of your office space of physical storefront, for easy access to your products.

Camping modular

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own cabin directly on the lake? You could take quick weekend getaways. Considering that many people turn new shipping containers for sale into residential houses, you can also turn them into a camping modular. Simply convert the inside of the shipping container into a living space. Place it directly on your favorite lakeside area and turn it into your vacation home. The reduced renovation costs will allow you to purchase a more desirable location and you can have the vacation home of your dreams.

With millions of shipping containers not currently in use, they are wasting space. Fortunately, there are many alternative and unique options for these unused storage containers. Consider renovating them into a mobile office for the traveling professional, into a pop up shop to display business inventory, as additional storage for your commercial or residential property, or as a camping house. Remodeling these new shipping containers for sale into new and unique uses ensures that more of them will be properly recycled.