Apps To Use If You Own A Fence Company


In 2022, technology will be more important than ever. Sometimes it feels like everything is automated. When it comes to your fence company, you shouldn’t let yourself be left in the stone age. Use the apps shown in this video to improve your productivity, profits, and customer connection.

Video Source

The first app is My Salesman. In this app, your client can view an overhead image of their home and draw exactly where they want you to build their fence. They can also choose where they want their gates, what material they want, and what color they would prefer. They can choose several different materials so they receive various estimates. This saves you time and gives your clients fencing options that are perfect for them.

You should also use TimeTap. This app is strictly for scheduling your clients. It remembers your appointment schedule and you can block off other times you’re unavailable. Then, when a client goes in to book an appointment, they can choose a time when you’re free. It will save you a lot of time and hassle. Make sure to watch the video to learn more about these apps and the other three apps you should use.